Friend This Amazing Girl ♥

You will certainly not regret it! This girl is absolutely amazing - read below!

Chapter 1

x_JialinOmikami_x - One of my closest friends in real life!

Friend this amazing girl! She is new to Quibblo, and I know her in real life - she used to attend my maths tutoring group! This girl is absolutely amazing, and she is one of my close friends in real life, despite the age difference between us. It feels like that she is my younger sister! Trust me, if you send her a friend request, you're definitely not going to regret it, because she is purely amazing!

Well, what can I say about her? She is absolutely, simply amazing. She is very caring and compassionate, and she's been through a lot, and she's still looking for a chance where she can be strong for herself again. She is among the kindest, sweetest people that I know, and she has an absolutely amazing personality! Although she's kind of self-conscious about herself, her writing is absolutely, purely amazing - she is one of the best poets and writers I know!

Please, if you value friendship, send her a friend request. This girl treats friendship more important than anything else, and she's been through a lot before - you can message me or her if you want to find out anything about it.

On behalf of Quibblo I would love to welcome her to our Quibblo family!

~ Hayley~~ ♥


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