Stories from the Hart

Addyson, Adrenaline, and Allie Hart have accidentally transported six of their favourite Fairytale characters into their world and they can't go back. How will the Harts get their fictional friends back?

Chapter 1


"We've got to move Jack. She's gaining."

"I know Alice, but we can't just leave without the others. Red, got any ideas?"

"It's Scarlett and why should we waste our time waiting for the royalty? What have they ever done for us?"

"But what about the other people who aren't royals? Maybe me and Gretel could..."

"Way to dangerous Hansel! I'm not about to risk my life for a couple of stuck up snobs."

"Well I'm ready to, I've already done it before anyways."

"Hunter, were not leaving without you. Certainly not one of them either."

"We've got no choice Jack, either save everyone else or survive."

"Well it's not our fault that she showed up either now is it?"

"Well we've got to at least try! Now come on we've got to-"

"What in magic's name is that thing!"

"Pretty sure it's a portal."


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