HEY YOU, PERSON!! I'd like some advice, please!!

Fun fact: I found a heart shaped M&M today :D

Chapter 1

Okay, here's my problem(s).

Actually, I have a few....... :D But you want to help me, right? That's why you're here? Good. If you aren't here to help me (or to be one of those creepy people who likes to know people's issues secretly YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!) But my issues range from time management to publishing to college etcetera etcetera....


Okay. First issue. I cannot control my time at all. I'll say to myself "okay, homework time" and five hours later, I still won't even have started it. No exaggeration whatsoever. The other day I spent six hours doing homework. I need time to sleep, and I need time to run (fun fact: I run). That's not a want, it's a need. I need to do both to be successful, it's been scientifically proven that a person needs a decent amount of sleep (about 10 hours for teens. Surprising, right?) and a decent amount of exercise (about an hour or more for teens) to perform well in school and in life. I have enough time to do all that, but I will sit in front of my homework for hours without doing it. Not very efficient. Once I get started, I can do it in an hour, and have plenty of time, but I can never start it.
I also need to manage my time in the long run, not each day, but for the week or the month. I got a job offer today, but I also have other commitments (homework, sleep, and running as mentioned before, as well as stage crew, art classes, religious education, ski team, newspaper club, trivia club, and girl scouts). I can't accept that job until I figure my life out. I have too much to do, but at the same time, not enough to do, you feel me?
So I guess what I'm asking is, if you have any suggestions for managing time, PLEASE give me them.


Up until this year, I've never needed to study. School wasn't hard, and I could remember everything I needed to without studying. Now, I need to study. There is a lot more material, and a lot less time spent going over it. As a student who usually gets straight As, I'm not used to lower grades. I need to figure out two things here, how to study and how to be more accepting of grades below a 90.
I haven't figured out how to study at all, so if you have any studying ideas, I would LOVE to have them. My biology teacher suggested a few things for memorization, such as saying the material aloud in a weird accent, or singing it, or studying right before bed. I have yet to try all of these, but other tips would be great too :)
I am really bad with accepting lower grades, which is sort of a good thing, because that way I won't see a C- or something and be like "eh, whatever." but at the same time, it annoys people and it makes taking quizzes, tests, etcetera much more stressful. I always feel like I have to get and A- or above or I'll fail life. Usually, if I get a B, I'll pretend I don't care, but to be honest, I hate them. It's not just the grade, it's all the negative connotations that go along with it (for me anyways). Bs feel like the second best something I've never been good at. And even the shape of the letter scares me, probably some psychological thing I've built up based off of all the other stuff. So again, any tips for that would be really helpful :)


This is one of the worse things. I tell my friends and everyone I know "I love food" and "food is great" and stuff like that, but really, I hate food. That's not something entirely acceptable, because you know, food is kind of essential to survival. Unfortunately though, I really don't like food. I hate the feeling you get when you eat even just a mouthful too much of it too. I don't eat a lot food either, like today at dinner, I had three mouthfuls of pasta and I was done. But just a little too much of it makes me feel like I'm about to explode. I hate eating. I mean, food tastes alright, especially peanut butter, but I really hate eating it. Take sprinkles. My friend and I were eating sprinkles one day at camp. Afterwards, I had a huge headache, and my mouth was coated in that sprinkle stuff. They taste great when you're eating them, but afterwards, it's like you ate sh|t. So if you have suggestions about liking food, happy to take them.


I have a few different half finished manuscripts saved on my computer, and I'd really just like advice about this. Do you think, based on what - if anything - you have seen of my writing, do you think it would be even a possibility for me to try to publish a book? I love sharing my writing, even though I don't do it that often on Quibblo, and I want to share it with everyone. I want to publish a book, and have people read it. Do you think that that could happen, based on my writing?


One of my biggest wishes is to go to boarding school in England. If I was to do that, I would do it sophomore year, next year. I really really want to go, and my mother is willing to let me, but there are some things holding me back.
I don't want to miss my sophomore year, because I feel like my friends will move on without me, and I'll miss a lot.
That's the year a bunch of my friends graduate, and based on the calendars I've seen so far, I'd still be at school for their graduation, and not there for their final year of high school, either.
I'd be missing the school play, something I'm very invested in, and like I said, as some of my friends are graduating, I'd miss their last year of acting/stage crew as well.
I'm having trouble weighing the pros and cons, so if you could help with those, that would be wonderful. Quibblo is almost like my impartial judge. Unlike my real life friends, you won't say "No! You can't leave us!" because I won't be leaving you. Wherever there is internet, there is Quibblo :)


A lot of my friends say I'm too organized. That's a lie. I am not organized enough. I try to have everything in it's proper place, but I never do, there's always something in the wrong spot. I always feel like my binder isn't organized enough, or I don't have my desk neat enough. II even alphabetized my books by author, and it still doesn't seem neat enough. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but if you do, and you have suggestions, please. I want them.


Since grade school, people have been telling me to stop worrying about college, but now I can't do that. I have three years until I'll be submitting applications, and I am seriously worried that I won't have enough extracurriculars, or my grades won't be good enough. I don't even have any rational ideas about where I want to go to college. I originally wanted to go to Harvard, when I was little, but now I don't. It's too close to my town, and I want to move away. So, my next choices were Oxford or Cambridge in England, which are still on my list, but highly unlikely. Iwanted to find a college in Russia, but in light of current events, I think that maybe that isn't a great idea. So I'm just wondering if any high school-college age Quibblonians have tips on choosing colleges, or thinking about them, or anything.

For anyone who has read through to this point, thank you for listening to my craziness :)


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