I'm Leaving Quibblo


Chapter 1

Love y'all

I'm sorry to say I am leaving quibblo. I won't delete my account because someday I may come back, but right now there is too much going on in my life. I just don't have the time to come on anymore. When I first joined quibblo it was a fun place where I could be myself but activity has been decreasing lately and I want to spend my free time on the more fun things. I am ashamed to say I'm not working to make Quibblo better but like I said I just don't have the time. I'm sorry Quizmaker2 for not being able to write in the group story and for leaving. I'm also sorry that we were never able to role play together Pippa100. Oh and A_Small_Drop, I couldn't get a good video last Tuesday because all we really did was stretch. But when I get a good recording I will come on here to send it to you. :)

Thank you all for the wonderful memories! I hope my life will settle down soon so I can come back on. All of you are extraordinarily talented people!!!



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