I'm Deleting...

Chapter 1

HAHAHA!! Had you fooled, didn't I?!

Hey People!
I'm not really deleting. I won't be on my laptop very often (dramas etc.) therefore I will not be using Quibblo very often. But do not fret, cool cats! I will be back eventually! Here are some things you can do in my absence.

1) You can read my stories. I love getting views!
2) You can send in suggestions for Adventure Quizzes.
3) You can comment on my work.
4) Please check out my photo album! New stuff has been uploaded.
5) Message me! I love having a full inbox.
6) Friend some of my friends. They'd love that.
7) Send in questions for my Lennon/McCartney interview! That'd be awesome!
8) Send me invites. I love seeing what you guys have been up to.
9) Comment on my profile! Tell me what you've been doing!
10) Keep being awesome! :D

I love you guys, and I love Quibblo! I'll see you cats later. Stay cool!
Much love,
Lacey the Llama

Peace, Love and Rock 'n' Roll ^-^


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