FreeFalling [poem]

So, in my AP English class, we were told to leave the classroom and find a place alone on campus. There, we would pick an object or scene and describe in with similes, metaphors, etc. Most people chose a flower, bush, or tree..but I chose the pool.

Chapter 1


The moment I look at It
It’s all that I see.
I see the glistening waves crash against their stony border.
the way the ripples clash and form another of their kind
as they reflect the light blue reflection from below.
I touch the T-shaped lane marks beneath the surface
Stained there for years in a dark, yet Calming, checkered pattern.
I smell the enticing aroma: one that cannot be described by mere words
It soothes me, calming my heartbeat to a light flutter
Slowing my breathing to a silent sigh of Freedom.
I long to jump in, to feel the refreshment as I cut through the cold water, to move with it instead of against.
My head flies out of the water, and tiny beads now run through my hair, racing to meet the tips first.
They speed down the sides of my swimsuit, and feel as if they’re conjoining with my own body.
The aura around me is cool, calm, inviting, invigorating.
The water that is part of me looks, feels, smells Refreshing in the purest way.
I feel as if I’m Floating, yet Free Falling at once
I feel at such peace, yet I feel so Powerful
I feel Free.


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