GROUP STORY SIGN UP! (Against all Odds)

4 Teenagers
One Evil Sorcerer
One goal: Survive

❤ Scarlett

Chapter 1


In the small village of Thistledown, life is ordinary. People are cold, hungry and slowly but surely staring to death. The rulers call it 'the winter culling' and holding back food is their way of killing off the weak.

4 teenagers, each very different from each other, feel compelled one night to go to the forest, despite the bitter cold. There, they find out that they are different. Unique. They have powers, that, with careful care, can be used for good. If not, evil will reign. They are told something that will be forever engrained in their minds:
"Its up to you."

Character Profile:
Name: (They CANNOT be ordinary, common names!)
Age: (15 - 19)
Power: ability to fly,
Appearance: Be creative! But make sure their clothes are not very modern, and they must be winter appropriate
Status: Poor? Working class? Posh and rich?

My Character:
Name: Asplin Bolshvik
Age: 17
Power: ability to fly, and power over ice.
Status: Fairly posh. Unused to the cold weather, and a general whinger.
Characteristics: Asplin is a rich snob, pretty much. She is very stubborn, but also quite clever when she wants to be.

I need 1 more female character, and 2 males
Please sign up, it'll be fun!


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