All We Wanted(original group story)

Long ago a group of six travelers was created. Their lives and abilities were not meant to be that of the average person. Life for them was dangerous, and filled with fear. But they never found what they were looking for. When the time came, each mentored a child to take their place until fate was found. If it ever could be found.

Chapter 1

Sonora Talkins- Soldier Boy

by: Darsha
I wish I could say that it was a dark and stormy night, but it wasn't. I don't really know if it was the turning point for the worst or for the best. Maybe it was fate and would have happened anyways.

It was a cold and wet night, the kind where winter is leaving, and spring fever is beginning to set in. The delicious smells of chicken pot pie, and whatever else my mom was creating permeated the entire first floor of my house. I had just arrived home from basketball practice and ravenously hungry, was distracting myself with homework until supper was finished. There was a math test tomorrow, ad I had to get a A, I didn't want to get a B and fail again.My dad was at the table studying, and my sister Amelia, who's 11 was working on an art project, determined to get it perfect. My other sisters, Skye and Birdie were playing Uno on the living room floor. Birdie was whooping Skye's butt.

At exactly seven o' three the door bell rang. It was dark already. Who would be coming to call at this hour? I rose to open the front door, turning on the outside light I saw a tall, broad shouldered figure, with lots of muscle shivering in the cold.

"Ummm Dad?" I said, gesturing for him to come. I had no clue who the stranger at the door could be. My Dad opened the door to reveal a young man, no more than twenty, in a soldier's uniform. The snow was whipping in wet bunches around him.

"Can I have a room?" the soldier asked, "Just tonight. Maybe a meal. I've got nowhere else to go. I can pay." The soldier took out a wad of bills, all hundreds.

"Of course," my father said. He believes that you must let travelers stay because they could be angels. The soldier shouldered his duffel bag, and stepped inside stomping the snow off his combat boots. His hair was a dark brown, and his face chiseled, but smiling.

"Sonora," my dad said, "Go clean up your room quick, you can sleep with Amelia tonight."

"Yes dad," I replied. Heading upstairs, I stopped to check myself in the bathroom mirror. It's not every night we have a guest. I see an awkwardly tall girl, with nut brown hair, and light brown eyes. Her skin is pale and splattered with faded freckles. She is wearing leggings and a shirt that says BACTERIA DON'T UNDERSTAND HUMAN CULTUTE. Her hairs is longs, and pulled into loose pigtails. Everything about me scream dork. I like it that way. I smile and head to pick up my bedroom.

I shove my clothes, dirty and clean, into my dresser. I'll sort through them later. Quickly I rip off my sheets, toss them into a laundry basket and run to the linen closet to find new ones. All my nerdy possessions, including my science kit get shoved under my bed. I hear the door open just as I shut my closet door.

"Hello," the soldier says, "I'm Diggy. You must be Sonora. I hope you don't mind me staying here tonight."

"No, no. Of course not." I stutter. Great, now I really look stupid. I began to put the new sheets on the bed.

"Do you know my younger brother Jeffery?" Diggy asked. Surprised by his question I jumped back. I did know a Jeffery. But was it his brother?

"Blond hair, sticks up, dusty green eyes, tall and scrawny?" Diggy went on.

"That sounds exactly like to boy from my dream." I murmured.

"Your dream?" I nodded. In my dream I had been made a general for a war. A boy, no more than seventeen, lieutenant, had kissed me before battle. I had treasured that dream for weeks, but then dismissed it as no more than a dream.

"He was my brother" Diggy said remorsefully, "he was only seventeen. I shouldn't have made him fake his age to enlist. Then he might be alive. We thought we might be safer from the assassins in the war but they found us anyways. You need to be more careful than us. Protect your sister."

"Wait what?" I said confused, "Assassins? War? My sister? Huh?"

"He was to be your mentor, now I am. He really did love you."

"But it was only a dream! What do you mean by that?" I kept on.

"We are wandering travelers. One day you shall mentor a child the way I'm mentoring you. No mentor will tell a child this much, but my brother wanted the best for you. Because he loved you to the ends of the earth, and looked forward to the day he could meet you besides watching you from afar. The assassins will come, but you have to be brave. You need to be strong."

"Explain exactly what you mean?'' I said shakily. It was meant to be a command but it came out as a question. How did this soldier know so much about my dream? If the boy from my dream was real, how did he get there? Why did he love me? How was he watching me?

"Hush Sonora, your questions will be answered in due time," he said. He saw that I was trembling, and wrapped me in a hug. His strong arms holding my thin body. Then he kissed my forehead, and said; "That's from Jeffery."

Diggy left my room and gently closed the door. There was a huge temptation to go through his duffel bag, but the logical side of me kicked in and said:" Diggy is confused and has post traumatic stress syndrome, and it would be rude to go through his duffel bag." Looking back, I wish I would have. Anyways, I continued making the bed, and as I opened a pillow case, and folded piece of paper fell out.

I unfolded it and read :

"Flailing, Failing, Falling.
You must let go, to fly,
A grudge must be given up,
You must say goodbye,
Free, Forgive, Forget,
Or it shall soon become
Survive or die."

Whether it be a poem, a song or a prophecy, these words were definitely for me.

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