Chapter 1


you love her because she's f♥cking insane.
a miss-matched combination of personality traits she stole from past lovers that don't quite make sense.
of all the girls you have ever kissed,
she is your favourite.
not because she is in any way sweeter or kinder than the others,
but because she kisses with an urgency that bites "we can't" into your bottom lip,
and breathes "we shouldn't" into your neck through her teeth.
and even though you know that there is no reason for her to make you wary,
(after all, she is yours),
she still kisses like someone on the run.

i don't know if you realise this,
but she breaks hearts because she can't break the law,
and there's an adrenaline rush that comes with breaking things that she can't quite escape.
when your fingers tighten around her neck, she doesn't flinch away because you don't scare her.

and you didn't mean to fall in love with her,
it just kind of happened,
because when you looked into her eyes it's like she made the galaxies collapse into your bloodstream.
her perfume smells like roses,
and you've always loved the things that are made out of thorns.
she's driving you insane,
and you don't really know why but she makes you feel invincible,
to the point where it's almost dangerous,
and she knows all too well that love and logic can rarely coexist.
love is a f♥cking disease that you inject into your veins like heroin,
eager to see the object of your adoration do the same.


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