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Chapter 1

Hello, my lovelies!

So here's the deal:

Plot: A big passenger plane plane bound for America crashes, and only 6 teenagers survive. They find themselves in the middle of an uninhabited rainforest, with no obvious way out. They have nothing but their wits. They have no one but themselves. It's up to them to survive and make it out alive

Age: (15-18)
Appearance: (as detailed as possible, please do not describe anyone as beautiful, or perfect, gorgeous or amazing or similar, I will NOT have any Mary Sues in my story, I want originality, people!! Be creative, let your imagination run wild. Note: Although I have nothing at all against goths/emo's I would rather not have more than one of them in this story, just to keep things interesting) Make sure your characters are unique, and different from the others! :)
Personality: Again, go wild!
Family: (Consider: where they on the plane with your character?) make this detailed please, so we have a little bit of background

Sorry mine is so long! Feel free to message me info about your character if you think it might be too long. :)

My Character:
Name: Nebraska Cyan DeMeir
Age: 17 years old
Appearance: Nebraska is small and slight in stature, she has a very 'leggy' appearance. She has mid back length auburn hair, that is dead straight, and silky. She has large green eyes framed by dark long eyelashes and freckles smatter her small, heart shaped face. She has small features and a small, snub nose which hold up the thick black glasses that she hates. She often wears berets, and prefers to wear comfy skinny jeans and Converse with a tshirt. If the weather is cold, she'll wear a denim jacket over her tshirt. She wears a heart locket with a picture of her father and mother in it, which she has vowed to never take off or lose.
Personality: Nebraska is usually shy, and at school she is looked at to be a bit of a geek, which she is fine with. She knows she doesn't fit in with the tryhards, and she loves her friends, who are into music and art just like she is. She is an artist, who can really only express herself completely through her art. She sketches, paints and sculpts in her spare time, usually channelling her emotions and the world around her. She is an only child, and she loves the solitude that being sibling-less brings. She has a good sense of humour, though some would call it twisted, and sees the funny side of things when others just can't
She enjoys singing, and has a fairly good voice, though she would die of embarrassment if anyone ever heard her.
Family: Nebraska has no siblings, but before she was born, her parents had a son called Nick, who died from a severe asthma attack when he was two. She was born a year after he died. Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was 16, and she now lives with her father's sister Aunt Reba.
Other: Nebraska loves animals, and owns a beagle called Pringle.

Thanks guys, please sign up as i'll choose authors soon!


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