This is a story written about a murderer named Xavier

Chapter 1


You know those few precious moments where you have pure peace with your self? People's words can't get to you, they can't affect your mood, everything is just utter calm. Xavier felt this way as he stood on the corner and watched the people walk by. Some of them shuffled quickly because they were in a hurry. It was early morning, some people going home from the night shift most people going to their morning shift. Not Xavier though. His job didn't have shifts. In his job he merrily worked when he wanted to and when he didn't want to he didn't work. It was that simple.
Xavier's eyes wandered over the crowd, in search for a great client. His eyes settled on a promising sight. It was a young women, dressed nicely exiting a socialite coffee house surrounded by a group of other nicely dressed ladies. She looked about mid-twenties, long, dark hair. Her dress was a modest white and green maxi-type look with a halter top. she had on a seashell necklace, matching her dress. She laughed at an, unheard by Xavier, comment that another girl said.
Xavier breathed really hard and really fast, almost hyperventilating himself. He then ran straight to the group of girls and said, out of breath, "Please... my car! Someone jacked my car. I try to leave it alone two seconds and this happens please!"
"Ummm... mister?" A slightly short, blond girl said, "I didn't see a car-jacking anywhere. Where were you at?" "Just over the way. I ran all the way over here, in search of police, but i see none. I came over here because of her." He pointed to the dark headed girl. "There's a cop I know personally and well, she looks like his daughter. I thought you might have been Kate. I'm sorry."
"Kate Gerald?" she asked, tentative. Her voice was soft anyway, like warm butter melting slowly on a slow-baked yeast role. "Yes," he answered. "Well, I know where to find her if you want me to take you." "Oh please would you?!"
"Of course!" she smiled at him and walked a few steps closer to him. "Sierra, you better be careful!" her blond friend said. "Oh I'm not worried, Jasmine. I'm just taking him around the block!" Oh if only she knew, Xavier thought.
They walked a few paces in silence before Xavier said, "So, your name is Sierra?" "Yes, Sierra Valeri Nimm", she answered. "That's a lovely name. Mine is Homer David Sans." Xavier did not dare give out his real name.


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