Give her a chance

I'm sorry, I had to vent.
This is about bullying, and this is just really thoughts written down.
I'm sick of people picking on others just because of their own self esteem issues. I'm sick of people standing by. I'm sick of people laughing, pointing, making a joke of a serious situation.

Again, sorry.
- Scarlett

Chapter 1

Speak up

Give her a chance
Let her voice her thoughts

This pain, it's running through her veins
Don’t let it run its course

Speak up, stand out
Don't be another jerk

Make a difference, be the one to rise
Don't leave her just to lurk

The hurt will only increase
We all know that sinking feeling

Guys, don’t stab her in the heart
The wound's just started healing

She is fragile, getting weaker
How can you not see that?

Are you blind? Do you care?
You call her ugly, you tell her that she's fat

Tell me. How would you like it
If I told you that?

Because you know what?
That flaw you don’t bother to hide

The way you treat people
Make them die on the inside

That makes you ugly. That makes you scum
Your voice- a stinging whip. Makes them want to run

If you have a brain inside that head
Use it. That's what it's there for

Listen to your conscience
The voice saying, ' Stop. No more."

Make a change. Dare to turn around
Be the one who stands. Don’t leave her on the ground

Stand up. Speak out
Be the one.


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