The book of ancient leather

Read, comment, enjoy!
❤ Scarlett

Chapter 1

Treasure, read and share

There's a book in my bookcase
Been here longer than I
And yet I've never read it
I haven't had the time

But one day, I am adamant
I will read that book today
I get it down, snuggle up
The lounge is where I stay

That book of ancient leather,
It's cover cracked with age
Enthrals me to my fingertips
I quickly turn the page

There are dog-eared pages here,
Their corners, I smooth out
And when I turn to the last page
No room in my mind for doubt

I see the smudged fingerprints
On this ancient work of yore
This charming book of yesteryear
The faint hearted is not for

What is in the book? You ask
What is it that it said?
Well, my friend, I say to you
It's a book you wish you read

For there on the last page, it says
"Continue on alone
This book is yours now, faithful friend
I've gone to Him back home."

And as I hand the book over
To treasure, read and share
I pass the baton on to you
Cause I'm joining them up there.


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