THIS IS IT (Original Group Story)

and moi
❤ Scarlett

Chapter 1

I've never understood...

I've never understood the hype surrounding planes. I mean, yes, it is amazing and slightly unnerving to think that you are up thousands of feet in the air, with nothing but a bit of metal separating you from certain death by free-fall, but I mean, come on, it' not much to get excited about.

I suppose it's thrilling if it's your first time.
I personally don't remember much of my first plane ride other than the fact that the air hostess spilt apple juice on my favourite shirt during a 'spot of turbulence.'
And then I cried. For hours. And people, who were trying to get a lil shut-eye, got crabby and threatened to, as one charming man put it, to "throw me out into the ocean for the sharks." Lovely people you meet on planes.

Well. I digress
This writing....I suppose you could call it a my- no, our recount of what has happened. What we were subjected to, and what we hope to live to tell. But if not....well.
That's why we're writing it down

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