Chapter 1


Most of you don't know this but I suffer from severe depression, anxiety and an eating disorder. I had a Instagram account dedicated to that, as a place where I can be totally honest, anonymous and where I can get tuff off of my chest without anyone judging me. A while ago I was feeling really bad so I posted a picture of a girl who use to go to my school (with her face blurred out) along with the story of how she use to bully me and stuff. Then yesterday someone found it, sent the girl a screen shot of it then she posted it on Facebook. D: So now everyone knows that I self harm, starve, binge, purge and have suicidal thoughts. But what is worse is that people where commenting on the picture saying stuff like 'stupid bxtch, I cant imagine you bullying anyone you're too kind hearted', 'what a stupid story to make up' and so on. So everyone believed that I made up the story for attention when I clearly didn't! Then I deleted my Instagram account so no one else could see what I've previously posted (I had body checks, a video of me throwing away my blades and lots of other personal stuff). I know I did the bad thing of posting that picture of her, but I cant be the only one who thinks she's also in the wrong?? And what can I do if my mum finds out!? D:


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