Dear Quibblonians please read..(no I am not deleting nor making some drama)

Chapter 1


by: angel52
I feel like Quibblo became very boring, and many people are deleting.
I have tried to make lots of creative ideas for Quibblo to make it more entertaining, like Quibblo crushes, Quibblo confessions, Quibblo magazine, Quibblo titles, the find out what they think of you, and even the profile exchange contest (but I cancelled it because not enough people joined).

Now I am out of ideas. I just want ideas from you all to make something funny, entertaining of creative to make Quibblo more of a lively, or active please. I want something like a game/contest/trivia/online party or something like my previous ideas to make on Quibblo, like something we all participate in. something that will get the boredom out of Quibblo :)

Give me some creative ideas dear Quibblonians, please. :) because I ran out of them!

Let's bring life back to Quibblo :)


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