Just... PLEASE, read this. All of you. Thank you.

I'm not sure if this is a rant or not. It's an explanation, basically, or I intend it to be. But I'm not in my usual Hayley-mood right now. Maybe after all this crap is sorted out I can learn to use smiley faces and heart emoticons in my speech again.

Chapter 1

Ugh. I don't get impatient often. But I am now.

So maybe you're all wondering why I didn't do a "hey, Quibblonians!" introduction and stuff and I haven't been properly on for... let me see, two or three weeks? A month? People have been getting really fed-up with me, and I can tell that by my inbox filling up with messages like "WRITE FOR MY GROUP STORY NOW" and "I WILL DELETE YOU FROM MY FRIENDS LIST IF YOU DON'T COME ONLINE IN FIVE MINUTES". Honestly, I'm getting really, really worked up. No, it's not because of any of your messages. Yep, I instantly forgive you if you're someone who sent me a message like that. I have some explaining to do and I'd appreciate it if you'd listen.

Reasons why I have not been active on Quibblo for the past month or two

1. I got pneumonia. Yep, it's been lasting for almost three weeks now and I'm still in bad condition now. I lost my voice for the middle week and even now my throat is inflammed and my lungs are blocked up. I am nearly always freezing cold and every single muscle in my body feels dead, absolutely dead. I cannot hold a pen and write or draw properly. I cannot type properly on the computer - and note that I am literally straining in all my effort to write this. I cannot concentrate, because I literally break out in dry, sore coughs every five seconds or so. I know I have been holding up a lot of group stories. Just skip me if you have to. I've done most of the chapters ready to submit, but just skip me for now and whenever I'm ready I'll message you to post the chapter.

2. My friends HATE ME for no freaking reason at all. So I take two weeks of school. I log onto IM to check notices. Then I see 42 messages from my friends telling me they hate me. Honestly, I just got a bunch of messages like "I hate you", "you loser", "I hate you, creep", "stay away from me", "I hope you die", etcetera. And when I tried to message them asking what happened, they've all blocked me. I have no freaking idea what got into them, and I don't know what I did wrong. And now because of this I'm in the worst mood possible. However, don't worry, I will not take this out on any of you or anybody else that I know of.

3. You're probably tired of me saying Cami's funeral has been making me really distort, but unless you know exactly what I'm going through or you have once had a friend like Cami die before, then it's okay. I forgive you if you don't understand, because you probably won't, anyway. So I had to give a speech at her funeral in front of everyone I have ever known. And I sung "Because of You" with Arielle. It was the day after that when I came down with pneumonia.

Okay, I've cooled down a bit now, but please, I KNOW that most of you would have gotten fed up with me by now. Thanks. I don't ask for your forgiveness, but I would really appreciate it if you could try, just try, to understand and even just ask what has been going on before sending me a bunch of hate and then deleting me off your friends' list. Thanks.

To those of you who did, I forgive you anyway.. I understand how you feel. :)

There, I just used a smiley face.

Hopefully I can get back to normal now. I literally had to pause for five times while writing that short bit of stuff because I can barely breathe properly.

Thanks for reading. It shows that you 1. Haven't deleted me, 2. Cares about what is going on, or 3. You are a loyal friend not worth losing. Thanks.


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