Read or Else! (Update)

Read this or I will Rebel up and come after you.
eyes glow red and big black wings unfurl from my back as I shift into Rebel form

Chapter 1

Friend him.

I am about to post a link. Wait for it....
Boom, there it is. That link will take you to an awesome guys profile who is amazing and he's an amazing role player. His name is Nathan and he's my top friend. I'm in a role play relationship with him and it's the best ever. He's sweet, funny, an amazing artist, and so creative. He only has 74 friends which I think is way too low for his awesomeness. Help by friending him now and get to know him. You won't regret it. But you will regret it if you're mean to him or try to hurt him.
Now click on it. I will unleash full fledged Rebel on you if I have to.
Peace~ Cat/Rebel

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