Let's play a game

Ladies and gentlebugs, let's play a game
A game in which we all have a name

This game is not risky, so don't be distressed
We'll sit on the carpet, decide who's best dressed

I'll tell you my name, my age and then
That's when the real fun will begin

So get comfy, put your feet up, lay back
This is where we go a little of track

Chapter 1

And you are....?

So. Don't mind my little intro there. I'm in a nutty mood
This is just so I can get to know some of you better, and it'd be great if you could go along and answer the questions for me. If you don't wanna, just skip it.
Let the games begin!

Name (if you're not comfortable with your real name, just give me your profile name or nickname) : Scarlett Marie
Age: 16 years old.
Birthdate: 24th April
Gender: Female
Best friend/s on Quibblo: Bella, Anita and EJ! (And in real life)
Favourite colour: PINK!!!! It dominates, though I can't wear it coz my hair is auburn. Sigh
Height (I'm gonna put mine in centimetres, but you can do whatever floats your boat): 174 cm
Weight: 56kgs
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Hazel
Complexion: Fairly pale, with freckles galore.

Now the more 'personal' questions
Have you ever been asked out/asked someone out?: I've been asked out by 3 guys, said no to all of them
Have you ever dated?: I thought I covered this? No, I have not
Do you have a crush?: I might....maybe...sorta. Yeah I do. He is my best friend. But I think he likes me too! :)
Have you ever been kissed: Errr....in preschool. It was so romantic. NOT. I mean, seriously, the kid was still in nappies practically.
Family: Dad and Mum who I love, 18 year old sister and a 14 turning 15 year old sister, who looks like a slightly shorter clone of me. :P
House: TINY! It is 2 bedrooms, so I have to share with my sisters. It is on 105 acres, and our lil house is nestled among the trees on a hill.

Did you enjoy your session on the carpet, little one?
YEP, now it's your turn!

Post your answers in the comments and have a gorgeous day!!


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