2014 Quibblo Showdown ♥ Must Read and Join!

2014 Quibblo Showdown ♥ Must Read and Join!

Hey, Quibblonians! I've decided to make something like a Quibblo Showdown, where users compete in different categories of their choice to earn a title and become known on Quibblo for it! Many people have different talents, and I don't think just doing a plain vote will be fair on those talented Quibblonians who don't know a lot of people. This is a mixture of fun, teamwork, and talent! Please read and join! Thank you! ~ Hayley~~ ♥

Chapter 1

Introduction and How This Will Work ♥

Hey, Quibblonians! I've decided to make something like a Quibblo Showdown, where users compete in different categories of their choice to earn a title and become known on Quibblo for it! Many people have different talents, and I don't think just doing a plain vote will be fair on those talented Quibblonians who don't know a lot of people. All Quibblonians are welcome to enter - no matter if you're new or old, know a lot of friends or not really - everyone has an equal chance of winning, so why not give it a try? Ladies and gentleman, Quibblo and Quibblonians, here I am presenting to you - the first official Quibblo Showdown!

How this will work

The Quibblo Showdown is somewhat like the Quibblo Survivor and the Quibblo Awards, except it will focus on multiple areas in one competition, and it allows people to enter themselves, instead of having to be voted by another person first.

Basically, there will be seven talents that you can choose from, plus a bonus Surprise Team Challenge and the Personal Talent choice, which are listed below in the talents section. Each talent will hold its own separate competition. If you would like to sign up, you can choose four talents at most, and they will be the areas you will be competing in. If you choose the Surprise Team Challenge, you will have to team up with another Quibblonian entering the Surprise Team Challenge, and surprise tasks will be assigned to you throughout the time of the competition.

The competition will last for at most five months, depending on the speed of the competitors and teams, and other circumstances provided. At the end of the five months, out of each talent, there will be a chosen winner, two highly-commended Quibblonians, three commended Quibblonians, and a special award Quibblonian. The awards will be announced as soon as all the results are in, and the judges have had a look at all the entries, and discussed winners.

The talents

Fashion Designing - Do you enjoy fashion designing, sketching dresses, and matching outfits? Are you fashionable in your own eyes? Do you know all there is to know when it comes to fashion designing? Here is just the right talent for you! Test your creative fashion skills through the Fashion Designing competition, where you will sketch new dresses and outfits, create outfits on Polyvore, and design outfits for given models! All fashionable Quibblonians, this is a must for you - whether you're a boy or a girl, if you like designing new clothes styles and creating different outfits, then this is your showtime!

Roleplaying - Everybody loves to roleplay! No matter what style of roleplay you enjoy, you are definitely going to love this competition! If you enjoy expressing yourself by putting yourself into the shoes of your favourite character, then your chance is now! The roleplay competition is the only exception to having more than one winner, because you will be in randomized pairs. You and your roleplay partners will take on instant roleplays, scripted roleplays, free-choice roleplays and more through a live Chatzy session with one of the judges. No matter if you like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Twilight, Star Wars, Naruto or more, here is the first place where your legendary roleplaying skills can become renowned on Quibblo!

Creative Writing - All writers out there, this is the perfect competition for you! Through the creative writing competition, you can let your pen - or your keyboard - erupt and burst with stars of inspiration and creativity. In this competition, you will be taking on a lot of creative writing tasks, such as writing original stories, rewriting selections from novels, and your own free choice of writing topics! Creative writing is never dull, and neither will this competition - guaranteed! However, this competition will not include any Fanfiction writing which involve original characters (new, fan-added characters apart from the previous characters). Contact me for more information on Fanfiction and creative writing, and how they are different.

Character Designing - If you love creating your own original character for group stories and Fanfictions, then you are most definitely going to love this character designing competition! This focuses on many different aspects of character designing, and it's not just designing a perfect character with the fewest flaws! The most interesting character-designing related tasks will be given to you, and all you have to do is to fill out a given character profile for your character! If you believe that you create great characters, then let's bring your skills to use!

Imagination Tournament - It's true that imagination can make things happen, and it can definitely bring all the weird and wonderful new aspects to your life! With imagination you can go anywhere, and here in the Imagination Tournament, you will use your imagination to score you a victory! The Imagination Tournament consists of several tasks in which you will have to use your imagination to help you win. Here you can bring your wildest, weirdest and most wonderful ideas to reality, and see for yourself just how amazing your imagination can be!

Quibblo Services Competition - Do you enjoy spreading smiles in Quibblo and bringing happiness to all Quibblonian's days? If so, then this is the absolute perfect competition for you, brought to you by heaps of warm fuzzies, smiles, and sunshine! In this competition it's all about bringing services and good deeds to Quibblo, through different challenges and tasks that can all help brighten up the days of many Quibblonians - and can also earn you an award! (A note to those who are interested, I am also looking to start a special Quibblo Services programme, which have Girl Brownies and Guides and Boy Cubs and Scouts. For those who are interested, message me! If I get enough people interested, then maybe I'll start it as soon as time allows me to.)

Fanfiction Writing - Fanfiction writing is different from creative writing, because creative writing will be all based on original stories, while Fanfiction writing is... well, Fanfiction, after all! During this competition you will write your own personal Fanfiction - and maybe even begin a series of Fanfiction stories! Bring your favourite book or novel to life, and step into it to create your own personalized adventure with the characters! Any book, movie, TV series or anime is allowed - any at all. From Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey to High School Musical and Glee - as long as it's published and out there, then go for it!

Surprise Team Challenge - During this challenge, you will choose one other contestant and form a team with them. You will have to take on the surprise tasks together and work with each other. The tasks will be a mixture of all of the above talents and more, but they will be extremely unexpected and will be given to you at completely random times, so you will have to be prepared to take them on at any time available. The Surprise Team Challenge will have the winning team, the two highly-commended teams, three commended teams, and a special awarded team. Whenever you're ready... bring on the surprises!

Personal Talent - Have you got a talent that's not listed on there, or you would like it to be included in the next Quibblo Showdown? On the entry submission form there will be a special section for your Personal Talent. Write it down and you will be recognized for it if you can offer an entry! For example, if you write down "art", then you will have to upload a photo of it. If you write "song writing", you will have to upload a link to a personal composition of yours. Anything is welcome - from decoration cooking to poetry writing, and even modelling and beauty skills! If your submission is a story, quiz, poll, survey or poem of some sort, tag it with 2014-quibblo-showdown and add in the title the type of submission along with 'QS'. For example, I wrote a poem called Star Dreams. I would put this as the title: Star Dreams, QS Poem. If it's a story, you would put Star Dreams, QS Story. For more information, contact me at any time!

Entry submission form

If you would like to sign up for the 2014 Quibblo Showdown, please fill out the below form with as much information as you can and which applies to you, and submit it into the comments. Do not leave out any blank spaces as your form will not be accepted into the final registration.

Quibblo username:
Link to Quibblo profile:
Chosen talent(s):
Personal talent:
Were you included or registered in either the Quibblo Survivors or Quibblo Awards? (Yes) (No)
List all of the official Quibblo titles that you have earned:

If I were to sign up for the Quibblo Showdown, here is the form that I would fill out.

Quibblo username: HayleyFlynn_Rawr
Link to Quibblo profile: http://www.quibblo.com/user/HayleyFlynn_Rawr
Chosen talent(s): Imagination Tournament, Fanfiction writing, Quibblo Services Competition, Surprise Team Challenge
Personal talent: Instant song writing, cupcake decoration
Were you included or registered in either the Quibblo Survivors or Quibblo Awards? (Yes)
List all of the official Quibblo titles that you have earned: Featured Member, Quibblo Princess, Friendliest User, Kindest User, Prettiest Female User, Easiest to Work With in Group Stories.

Incomplete sign-up forms will receive a reply asking for you to complete your entry form. Undetailed forms will not be discarded or disqualified, but please put as much information as possible as it will certainly help you later on in the competition. Contact for more details.


Since the Quibblo Showdown is such a big thing, we will need at least two judges along with me for each of the talents, and at least one judge to help with the Surprise Team Challenge.

The current judges for each area are:

Competition Judge: HayleyFlynn_Rawr
Fashion designing: JaelinK, bleed1313
Roleplaying: None
Creative writing: HermionesEVILtwin
Character designing: bleed1313
Imagination tournament: None
Quibblo services competition: None
Fanfiction writing: None
Surprise team challenge: JaelinK

Rules of the competition

♥ One participant can have at most three awards and titles altogether in one single talent.
♥ Make sure that you put your username instead of your nickname. Nicknames change a lot, but usernames can’t, so it will be easier to track your entries and for voters to recognize you.
♥ You cannot sign up for more than four events. Four is fine, but more than four is not.
♥ You cannot use an entry that was made before you were assigned the task. That is considered cheating and you will automatically be disqualified from the competition, no matter the quality.
♥ If you miss out on a task, or was absent for a task, then that is fine, you will remain in the competition. However, continuous absence and/or deliberately ignoring the given tasks and messages even if you are or have been active for the past few weeks, you will be disqualified.
♥ The themes of your entries must not relate to extreme or gruesome violence, self-harm, suicide, disturbing content, offensive, or adult and suggestive content (not including low-neck tops or short skirts for fashion designing). We want to influence a positive image, and not inflict disturbing thoughts upon others. Entries which include the above themes will be immediately disqualified.
♥ Incomplete entries and tasks will not be accepted – only fully completed ones will be.
♥ Make sure that you stay on task with your entry, and do not go overboard with it.

If you would like to enter, then it would be really good – I really appreciate it! If you would also like to sign up to be a judge, message me and I will sort all of that out for you. In the meanwhile, please spread the word about this competition so more people can join!

Thank you – hope you all have a nice day!

~~ Hayley~ ♥


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