Eye of the Assassin

Hey guys. This is a group story between Nathan and I. It's a crime solving story involving a pro and a rookie. We couldn't think of a title so we're just going to start writing and name it later. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1

Being the best isn't always good...

I wake up when my alarm goes off and I groan cussing it out as I get up. I hate Mondays... I take a shower then dress in jeans and a nice top then slip my boots on, clip my badge to my belt, and tuck my gun in the back of my jeans. Grabbing my keys, coffee, and pop tarts, I go to my truck. Me being me, I search the area for threats of any kind. Hey, I'm a cop. I can't help it. I drive to work and park in my designated spot. I get out and go into the building flashing my badge at the security guard before going up to my floor. I work in Homicide/Drugs department. I handle murders and work to stop drug lords and break down drug rings. I'm the top agent in the building. Other's would disagree but I don't care. I am the best. I took down Javier Lopez who was a huge drug lord who supplied the whole area. He was an extremely dangerous person who is now on death row. So yeah. I'm damn good at what I do.

"Yo Rebel." Agent Kyle Lampry yells at me as I sit down at my computer to begin working.

"What Kyle, I'm busy." I reply logging in.

"You're one of the best agents right?" He asks.

"Duh." I reply.

"Excellent. You get to train Rookie." He tells me. My head snaps up to look at him,

"I get to do what now?" I ask. I know I heard him wrong. I hate training newbies.

"You're training Rookie." He repeats.

"No. No, no, no. I hate training people. Not happening." I reply.

"Not an option. Boss told me to give him to the best and that's you. He should be here any moment." He tells me and walks away

Ugh great. My day just took a perfect turn. I lay my head down on my neck mentally beating up Kyle for doing this to me. Of all things, I have to train.
Kill me now.

Then I hear Kyle behind me.
"You must be Rookie." I hear him say. And he's here. Should I act like I'm really busy and really focusing on work or should I nonchalantly run and hide. Well, I never run from something since I'm usually the one chasing someone else that's running. I just grab some files and cover my desk so I look super busy.

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