Caleb Rants

So, any more rants that I do, I'll attach to this as additional chapters to keep my hating thoughts organized.
These aren't directed at you, the reader or anything, I just need to get my thoughts out and rage a little bit. Maybe it'll help me, maybe it won't.
Just know that I'm not trying to take it out on anyone who is reading this. I just gotta blow off some steam and this is the best way I can think of to do it

Chapter 1

Doctor's appointment thing

So, tommorow I have to get up early... like four hours early... at 8 in the morning. for some stupid doctors appointment thing that, in theory, will help me with some of my "issues"

Cuz we all know how much I just LOVE asking for help, right!
Actually, most of you on here don't know me all that well, so you probably don't know that.


So, in short, I've basically been askking for help on damn near everything I've done and I'm sick of it. And a lot of the time, people just assume that I need help with crap and try to help me anyways which really pisses me off!

Yeah, I've heard all the "oh, its ok we all need help sometimes" and I think it's nothing but crap. Ok if you need help, ask for it. I freaking hate it! It always takes too damn long and this is something I don't want help with anyways. I've made some stupid mistakes that I shouldn't have done, yeah, but it doesn't mean what you think it means. My dad thinks he knows who I am because of some screw ups in the past. It's bullshit! He doesn't know me like he thinks he does! Besides, if I could drive, we wouldn't fricking have this problem would we??? Fruck it, this is just such crap.

Yeah I totally need another counseling session. cuz they've all helped so damn much right!?

wait for it....

(takes a deep breath)


Just give me some time and I can deal with this crap on my own, alright!

I mean, dammit! I'm 18 for God's sake. I can take care of myself. Stupid parents thinking you always know this crap. Maybe just take a freaking step back and let me deal with it on my own! I've done it before, I can do it again and I'll do it more in the future!


that is all
sorry for the rage

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