PLEASE READ I don't believe in fate

So my English class was doing this activity where you pick 2 words out of a hat and then write a poem using those words.
And I got 'soldier' and 'fate' and I was stumped for a while, but then I wrote this
Tell me your favourite lines!
Hope you like it.
❤ Scarlett

Chapter 1

All he wanted

The last words he said to her,
As she walked him to the gate, were,
"I'll be back soon, I promise,
I don’t believe in fate."

And as he walked along that dusty road,
Looking back to see her wave,
This is the image that he kept
A memory he saved
And that first day in the trenches
Was like a living hell
But he kept up his spirits as best he could
The worst he didn’t tell
When he wrote her letters,
His heart was full of joy
Because he knew before he left
He'd be father to a boy

She kept him up to date,
As winter mud turned to summer dirt
But he knew now he might not make it back
And that's what really hurt

But he kept the promise alive
Wasting away to skin and bone
His baby was born, named after him
The Dad that never came home

Wounded, hurting, close to tears
He was pulled from the front line
What he wouldn’t give,
To be with them back home

All he wanted was one last hug
A goodbye to make him right
He knew he'd be back out there soon
Back out there to fight

He knew his time was coming
He wouldn't make it home
And he knew in his heart
He'd die here in the loam

In his hand, he clutched her locket
Grasped it to his chest
And when the call came at last
He knew he'd done his best

Up and over those brave men went
Out from the safety of the wall
Out into the firing line
He watched his comrades fall

One by one, they picked them off
One by one, they drop
Until he was the lone survivor
When the bullets made him stop

Falling to the mud,
the locket in his palm
No pain to feel again
Out of the way of harm


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