Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I get out of his truck and grab some of my bags. "You wanna help?"

"Not really, but I will anyway." He says, tugging on the bags. We walk to the bus and start putting everything away. "So tell me, why are you going to live in a tour bus?"

"Because maybe it's better than a house." I answer, knowing that the livability probably isn't as great, but saying it might be anyway.

This bus is small. It has six beds, but I only need one. I figure the other five can be used if I make friends on the way who want to come somewhere with me. I put all my food in my little refrigerator and say goodbye to him. He's my best friend, but he had some things to do before he could come with me. I guess I'm okay with that. I can always pick him up later.

I get a call from my mother right when I'm about to leave. "Liri, I'm begging you. Go to college, get a job, live your life the way you're supposed to."

"You're asking me to be normal. I can't do that." I reply.

"I'm not asking you to be normal. But you can't live on a tour bus." She tells me this using her most desperate tone of voice: squeaky, loud, and very annoying. But I've had eighteen years to get used to it, so it doesn't faze me.

"Yes I can. People do it all the time. You named me freedom, not normal. I don't see college and career as freedom. Dad knew and understood that. Hell, even Liam does. Mom, I'm a full grown adult, stop trying to run my life for me. I'll call when I stop for the night, okay? Bye." I hang up before she can say anything. I put in a Nirvana CD, and then I am saying goodbye to Atlanta and hello to wherever I end up next.

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