The Sidekick

Meet Emma Stewart, assistant secretary by day but at night she turns into Telegirl! The masked sidekick to the famous city hero The Knight!
But when tragedy strikes and Emma is left all of her own, it's her turn to become a hero that her city needs. Which is harder than it seems with a man wanting to know her secrets and why she always vanishes, a mother who hands her a college application everyday, and a new villain hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike. Being 19 and a sidekick sucks.

Chapter 1

The Morning Before

Beep! Beep! Beep! I groaned as my tiny digital alarm clock did its horrible but necessary job. I gave it a nice and big smack as I got out of my neatly made bed and prepared for the day as an assistant secretary at Reynolds Inc., a successful company operated by my boss the millionaire James Reynolds.

I set out my outfit for the day which was a long sleeved black pantsuit and a pair of white heels and then walked into my bathroom to tidy up, the normal routine.

I sighed in frustration as I tried to brush out the knots in my mahogany brown hair and after a full 7 minutes of brushing it out, I quickly pulled it into a classic bun and I started washing my face with a long yawn.

Once I finished washing my sleep deprived face and slapping myself awake, I changed out of my comfy clothes and into clothes that made me look like a professional and went out into my living room which was also connected to my kitchen/dining room and I turned on my TV to see what was on the news.

"Last night, two members of the infamous drug cartel Dark Day were found in front of the police station unconscious and tied up with several bruises on their bodies and even a broken arm on one of the members," News reporter Jenifer Calibrine appeared on my magical box and under her was the headline which was pretty much summarizing what she said in a few words.

"Many believe that it was Electric City’s famous masked hero The Knight and his sidekick Telegirl, who is rumored to have telekinesis, who brought these members to the police station but we have zero witnesses or any security cameras to prove us right but we’ll find out soon enough when the masked vigilantes host a press conference at the Town Hall which many Knight and Telegirl fans are lined up even right now to snatch a seat up close and personal to these real life superheroes," I placed my plastic bowl in the sink to clean later as Jenifer concluded her news report and a nagging feeling went inside my head as I hunted for the remote control.

"Now for our next story, yesterday afternoon Officer Rick Grimes woke up from his 6 month coma and reunites with his son and wife and wait until you hear about his dream!" I turned off the TV with a push of a button and headed out the door and then it hit me as I was about to open and walk out of the door.

"My purse!" I exclaimed with a laugh as I levitated my small black purse which carried my necessary items of the day out of my bedroom and into my hand and soon enough I was out the door and on my way to work, the beginning of a quite normal day.

Soooooo, did you like it? It's been a while since I’ve written anything (I blame being lazy, summer assignments, and writer's block) so I hope you guys enjoyed it! Please let me know what you liked and what you disliked and if I have any errors with my grammar or spelling (Wouldn’t be surprised if I had a ton) please let me know! Thanks for reading!


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