The Heartlessly Taken ♥ Original Poem

Hello, Quibblonians! Thank you for clicking onto another poem of mine! First off, it already means a heap to me that you've even decided to look at this. Thank you so much, you're amazing. This poem, I just felt like I have to write this. For more details read the "Behind the Poem" chapter. I hope that you can enjoy this poem and find the meaning behind it, as it does have a deeper meaning and a deeper message I would like to get across to people. Thank you. ~~ Hayley~ ♥

Chapter 1

♥ The Poem ♥

Under the waning silver moon
A sparrow softly sings its
Night melody for its child.
The stars feel like
Beautiful fireflies
Above the veiled earth.
The cherry blossoms
Loosened by the breeze
Falls gently to the ground

Your eyes used to twinkle
The way they do when you smile
But tonight they are emotionless.
I suddenly can’t remember
In this whole entire world,
Sunken into a river of despair.
Nothing can be done
To help you, to help anyone.

Perhaps tomorrow morning
I will not wake to your
Heartwarming smile
Nor will I smell your
Fragrant coffee.
Perhaps tomorrow evening
I will not rest my head on
Your strong shoulder
Nor can I look up
Into your eyes
That can sooth any sorrow
And put an end to any pain.

A breeze sweeps past.
I am losing you
Losing all our memories
And letting go of what remained
Of our love in this world.
You are being taken
From my hands, from my arms
Into a world where
The sun will not gleam golden
And the moon will not shine bright.

Your every breath
Thuds deep into my heart.
Saying nothing.
Doing nothing.
But it is enough to make me
Smile, and to make you smile
Perhaps for the final time in your life.

Then the sky tints scarlet and
The stars fade like confetti
Into the now-amber sky.
Then the moon disappears and
The sparrow flies away
Leaving only feathers behind.
The cherry blossom tree
Now empty and broken
Not a single flower left in sight.
The breeze drops
To a soft, silent whisper.

Then when I look
Once again at you,

You’re gone.

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