The Past and Now

WARNING: this is not a story!!!! It is my feelings!!!! feelings that I am so glad to get of my chest!!!!!

Chapter 1

Not a chapter

When? When did I stop? When did I stop coming on Quibblo? When did I stop caring about my friends, and my fans? They were like a family to me, they helped me when I made some mistakes, they supported me, and they cheered me on. What happened? What did I get so distracted by that I stopped caring? I got on a different reading website sure. But is that it? I'm not sure. Was I running away, because I couldn't finish a story? Maybe. Or was it both? Who knows. All I know is that I stopped. It was like I was just walking along some path and didn't look back and when I finally do Quibblo and everything with it, is gone. I was alone. That's when I noticed that my reality was rushing forward, and that it was one that I was hiding from, one that I was disappointed of, one that I was scared of. But that's not the worst part, the worst part is that I abandoned a great friend on here. Her username is TheInsaneDarkAngel, she was great! The Best! And most of all a great friend!! She commented on my page around the same time that Quibblo started to disappear from me, between Novemeber 10, 2011 to May 12, 2012. I had my chance to be there...I had 6 MONTHS to be there! And I wasn't the last she was on what last year of March, and right now I am wishing that I could've paid attention just a little bit closer because that ONE time that I looked behind me to see Quibblo and all the rest gone I'm sure was when I could've gone back and kept going. But now I feel like an idiot. This won't mean alot to the people that are on here now, but to the people that have left and come back on here and remember all the good memories on here will understand this, and that's fine. The only reason I really am writing this is because I want to say to all my old friends and old fans that I miss them so very much, and that they were a big part of my life. And I just wanted to get all my feelings out before I being to hold a burden on myself again, and I really don't want to do that because I just got rid of an old one. And if you read this and like it Thanks! If you don't that's fine it takes time to understand, I'm sure that the first time I got on here and saw something like this I wouldn't understand at all and probably think this was cheesey or dumb, but I'm different now and so is everyone else. We have all moved on and are taking or finding a new path, and that's okay, because everyone does! Goodbye, and hopefully I'll be on here more often, and HOPEFULLY come across some old friends.


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