Ouran Highschool Host Club (Tamaki and Haurhi Fanfiction)

This story is where Tamaki and Haurhi are in their last year of collage. Haruhi is 21 and Tamaki is 22.

*Even if you haven't read or watched anything related to it, you can still read it cause you don't have to know every detail.

*This will also go back and forth between Haurhi and Tamaki's point of views.

* I'm going to make this story into my own and how I think it should go. I hope you all like it.

*I'm trying to make it according to the Manga by the way.

Chapter 1

The Secret Place

Haruhi's Point Of View

"Haruhi!!! I've got something special planed tonight for your birthday," Tamaki-senpai said, "You can pick between these 3 dresses. They're perfect for the occasion."

"Senpai, where are we going that requires me to dress up this nice?" I asked touching one of the dresses.

"You'll see, it's a secret." He says with a devious smile on his face. He went to my room and set the dresses on my bed and told me he'd come over to get me around 7pm. After he left, I looked at a clock that was on the wall and it said 4:30.

I picked out the red dress. It was a strapless heart shaped top with ruffles from the waist down. 7 came sooner than I thought it would but at least I was ready.

I hear a knock on the front door and then Tamaki-senpai came in. He looked at me and his jaw dropped. I smiled at his reaction.

He pulled himself together and held out his hand, "Are you ready to go?" I nodded my head and took his hand and off we went to the 'Secret Place' he wanted to take me.

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