A Scary Omegle Story

A Scary Omegle Story

This is a real thing that happened to me while I was on Omegle.

Chapter 1

The Story

This happened just moments ago. I was on Omegle, trying to scare people. I connected with someone and tried to scare them by saying I was a victim of a home invasion. After I told them it was a joke, I asked why there weren't scared.

They said it was because they were about to kill themself.

I asked if it was a joke, and they said it wasn't. I was unsure if they were just trying to scare me or if they were really going to commit suicide. I talked to them, hoping to convince them not to do this (if they were going to do it). I told them this wasn't the way out and told them that God would help them.

I kept asking throughout if it was a joke, and they said it wasn't. Finally, I said I didn't know what else to say. And they disconnected the chat.

I don't know if it was a joke or not. I really, really, REALLY hope it was a joke. And if it wasn't, I hope I helped convince that person not to end their life.


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