Shadow Clues

Enjoy a series of mystery, murders, kidnaps, and thievery.

A story of a group of people that solve mysteries. Every 2 or 3 chapters there will be a new story.

Please comment, and don't be afraid to point out any errors I've made. :)

My sister is periodically looking over this when she's bored. X)

Message from said sister: Yeah I'm writing this right now 23/7/14. Hey everybody, some of you know who I am actually. :P

Chapter 1


The mystery Men, put together by the infamous captain Alexis, and her team-mates; Lilly, Marley, Joey, and their cat Becky.

Alexis is a bit of a hard head, and is that sort of person who always narcissistically wants things to go her way, but despite the fact that she seemingly disregards any idea from the others like a wet cornflake glued to the side of a cereal box, somehow the plans she concocts have aspects of what had been previously suggested. All a total coincidence she'd say.

Lilly's the kind hearted member of the group, and served to counter Alexis, with her intelligence. Some would say she'd make a better leader, but her impulsive nature made her reckless and unreliable in the grand scheme of things.

Marley's the typical bad-boy, going right down to the limited intelligence, the guy could set fire to cornflakes and milk. But, every team needs muscle, and that's who he is, not to mention he'll follow orders no questions asked. Very useful in their line of work.

Joey's the more unusual member of the group, and though he had a passion for his work, his passion ended there. Little was known about him.

And their final member, Becky. A cute little cat they rescued as a kitten. She's the stress relief of the group, with her friendly personality, lush black coat, and soft purr.

The first story will be in the bustling city of Flock Steed...


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