The Epitome of a Hufflepuff

This pretty much explains it all, if you're wondering:



Chapter 1

The Epitome of a Hufflepuff

As an avid daydreamer, there are very few scenarios which I can honestly say I’ve never imagined before. Making a Slytherin cry? That falls under the category I Never Imagined It, But It Happened.


“You really need to calm down. It’s not even your relationship, Katherine. I don’t know why you’re so worked up about it,” my fellow Hufflepuff Carolyn says as we enter the Great Hall. I sigh. I may be a fairly mellow and laid back person, but when it comes to the subject of my best friend’s relationship, stay out of it. Ella is an idiot, and she never should’ve gone for Finn anyway.

“Look. All I’m going to say is, Finn is an arse. I have been listening to Ella cry and moan and complain and yell about how much wrong he does her--is that a phrase? I made it a phrase--since our second year here, and I am sick of it. We’re now in our fifth year, and they have yet to have a serious break up. This time, Finn is serious when he says he’s not got anything to do with her anymore, and I’m making sure of it,” I rant, waving my hands around, not realizing that I’d been simultaneously brandishing my wand about. I look around to see that I’d accidentally made it snow.

“Good one, Katherine. And don’t you think that might be considered meddling in their relationship? I think you should let them be, and they’ll get over each other eventually.”

“Don’t you think I’ve tried that?!” I yell, throwing my hands up in the air. In the process, I punch someone in the face. How fab. I turn around to face the person, and my hands cover my mouth in horror. “I just punched a Slytherin in the face. Kill me now.”

Yes, I did punch him in the face. Alexander Bulstrode. While Carolyn stands there in shock, which would be myself under normal circumstances, I jump into action. Because I just punched Alexander Bulstrode in the face. With my wand. And then announced it out loud.

“Oh my. I am soooo sorry, Alexander, I didn’t even see you there! Oh no, your face. It’s bleeding. Did I really do that? Oh, here, let me fix it.” In my haste to fix my damage, I mix up the spells and accidentally blindfold Alexander, which I quickly untie and try again, only to glue his tongue to the roof of his mouth. My mouth drops, and I am left completely mortified. “I promise, normally I’m fairly good at spells and such, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”

“Just stop,” Alexander says, his voice strangely choked up. I squint and look closer. To my complete shock, tears are spilling over his eyes, no matter how hard he blinks.

“Are you crying? Don’t cry! Oh my gosh, I’m so awful. I cannot believe I did this. Oh dear. I’m sorry! Are you okay? I feel awful.” Laughs start to bubble out of Carolyn’s mouth. I slap a hand over it in desperation. “We can tell everyone that I cried instead?”

“Alexander? What the hell happened to you?” Oh, great. Alexander’s posse of incompetent meanies. Just what I need.

“I was just giving this Mudblood a hard time. Kid got so angry she cried and then punched me in the face! The nerve,” Alexander mutters, and then spins on his heels to strut away. He’s gone as quickly as he appeared in a swish of his robes. The posse follows quickly behind him.

“But I’m not even a muggle born!” I call out after them, but I know it doesn’t matter.

“What just happened?” Carolyn asks, still giggling. I look at her with wide eyes, and in a moment we’re both laughing.

“I’m not sure, but I think I just made a Slytherin cry.”

“And then offered to let him tell people that you cried instead!” Carolyn adds, still laughing. I grin, finally getting my giggles under control.

“I guess you could say I live the Hufflepuff life,” I answer. And that’s enough for both of us to dissolve into giggles once again.


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