The Wish That Started It All.

A girl named Sage wants to be an only child. She is the middle sibling of seven all together. Will everything work out the way she thought it would? Read on and see what happens.

Chapter 1

Life is Complicated

by: Ice23
"What is wrong with you today?" Ashley looks at me as if I were not from this world. "I don't KNOW okay? UGH! Why can't I just have a normal life?!" I ran from the kitchen to my room where I could be alone. Or so I thought. "Kyle, what are you doing in my room?! Can't you read? On my door there is a sign that says, Keep out!" Kyle looks at me as if waiting for me to answer for him. So, I give him my evil glare, until he gets uncomfortable. "MOM! Sage keeps looking at me! MOM?!" He stomps out of my room and I slam my door shut immediately. I take several deep breaths and jump onto the bed, wishing that I could be an only child.
Being in the middle of 7 siblings, life can be tough. Half of the time my parents don't even know that I exist! All of sudden, my brother Kyle starts banging on my door. Throwing a pillow at the door to shut him up, I scream into my covers so that no one can hear it. I felt my temperature beginning to rise, my heart was pounding so loudly that I could barely hear myself think! I had to do something to make my life better. Knowing that I couldn't live on like this, I waited until my family started settling things down for bedtime. Sometimes I often forget about dinner, or I just sneak snacks into my room often enough throughout the week that I have plenty to eat. Around midnight I usually get a bowl of cereal, Oreo's in milk or a ham and cheese sandwich. It depends on what I am in the mood for.
My dad slowly enters my room and turns on the bedroom light. I turned off my reading lamp next to my bed and waited for him to finish off his annual father/daughter chat we have each night. My parents keep telling me to have good manners and to take care of my younger siblings. My three older siblings were always out dating with their boyfriends or girlfriends, so they usually leave this responsibility to me. Figures. As if my life couldn't get any more complicated than it already is.
Once dad left, I turned on my reading lamp once more and finished writing in my diary. I finished off with writing, "I just wish to be an only child. I just know my life would be better! I could have everything I wanted when I wanted it, my parents would trust me and let me have my own life, and life would be more peaceful. Yep, if only life were like that. I would do ANYTHING to be an only child." I closed my diary and slipped my pen inside the bind and locked it with the key. After hiding my diary for the day, I got ready for bed and fell asleep instantly.


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