zodiac characters

zodiac characters

See what annoys you most under your zodiac sign and leave comments about it. Rate it also

Chapter 1

10 things that annoys each zodiac sign

by: anviange
Aries gets annoyed when...

1. People walk or drive absent-mindedly.
2. Their love interest won't answer their calls or have their mobile phone turned off.
3.They feel oppressed and not free.
4. Somebody is obsessed with Facebook or Twitter!
5. People make silly excuses.
6. They wait in long queues.
7. There is traffic jam.
8. People talk to them too softly and sweetly.
9. They stay inside for a long time.
10. There is too much peace and tranquillity around!

Taurus gets annoyed when...

1. There is untidiness around.
2. People have bad taste.
3. Meal isn't ready or tasty.
4. They have to attend a social event.
5. They are in a hurry.
6. They haven't had sex for a while.
7. People speak inappropriately or rudely to them.
8. No money.
9. They have to do something different from the usual.
10. People have no limits.

Gemini gets annoyed when...

1. People shut the phone on their face.
2. They forget their cell phone, their battery or they don't have an Internet connection.
3. They speak with humorless or old-fashioned people.
4. They are interrupted when they talk or they are not allowed to speak their mind.
5. They wear tight clothes.
6. They have to be punctual.
7. There is pessimism.
8. They are forced to confine.
9. People around them hesitate to speak their mind openly.
10. They must be silent.

Cancer gets annoyed when...

1. They are hungry and have nothing to eat.
2. The weather changes a lot.
3. They sleep uncomfortably.
4. There is violence...
5. People around them are provocative.
6. Their beloved ones insult them.
7. They have to stay far away from the family or the closest friends.
8. They are forgotten and ignored.
9. They can't sleep because of the noise.
10. People are ungrateful to them.

Leo gets annoyed when...

1. People avoid or ignore them.
2. They don't have their usual comforts.
3. They have to work in the office during a sunny day!
4. They can't show their talents and abilities.
5. They are not the center of attention.
6. They don't have enough money to lead a luxurious life.
7. Somebody is better than them...
8. They are not the first to get asked what their opinion is.
9. They gain weight.
10. They have to wait...

Virgo gets annoyed when...

1. There is chaos, mess and untidiness.
2. Public utilities.
3. There is no punctuality.
4. People don't answer their calls or reply to their e-mails.
5. They meet people with bad taste in humor.
6. People waste time in facebook.
7. People complain to them.
8. They have to change their schedule.
9. They must pay the bills all together!
10. They get ill!

Libra gets annoyed when...

1. Somebody tells them to turn the music down.
2. Somebody yells at them.
3. They can't express them the way they want.
4. There is poverty and misery all around.
5. They stain their clothes.
6. They don't look as they wish!
7. It's Saturday night and they can't find people to go out with.
8. No flirts!
9. People demand things from them or are strict to them.
10. They can't find clothes they like in their size!

Scorpio gets annoyed when...

1. People borrow things and never bring them back.
2. Their boyfriend/girlfriend is not in the "mood".
3. Their BF/GF tries to make them feel jealous.
4. Their beloved ones ignore them.
5. People gossip about them.
6. They get blamed for something.
7. They can't relax when they want to.
8. They haven't had sex for a while.
9. People keep secrets from them!
10. They catch someone lying to them!

Sagittarius gets annoyed when...

1. There is traffic jam.
2. People are violent to animals.
3. They have to stay home.
4. They want to travel but don't have enough money.
5. People are afraid to speak their mind.
6. Nothing happens in their life.
7. People grumble.
8. They can't act spontaneously.
9. They have to be formal and typical.
10. Somebody tries to control their life.

Capricorn gets annoyed when...

1. People spend their money thoughtlessly.
2. People ask them to borrow something.
3. People take some personal stuff without asking.
4. People insult them or swear.
5. People affect their dignity.
6. They are called stingy.
7. Their privacy is abused.
8. Someone has no values and morals...
9. Run out of money.
10. People don't trust them.

Aquarius gets annoyed when...

1. They see someone polluting the enviroment.
2. People are violent to animals.
3. People get injured in riots.
4. Friends betray them.
5. There is injustice and hypocricy.
6. They have to be polite and typical.
7. People mock them when they speak.
8. They are forced to keep the schedule.
9. They meet narrow-minded people.
10. They think about the misery and injustice in the world.

Pisces gets annoyed when...

1. They are forced to make a decision on their own.
2. Everybody but they is in a relationship.
3. Somebody calls into the night...
4. Their dreams don't become true.
5. Their efforts bring no results.
6. People are sarcastic to them.
7. They don't find a parking lot.
8. They want to eat something sweet but there's nothing in the house.
9. They get forgotten.
10. They get wet by the rain, burned by the sun and freezed by the cold!


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