Chapter 1


by: Scorn
Backpacking across the great land that she lived in was clearly not the brightest idea. While Harriet had thought leaving her home out in the country with only a backpack would be a grande idea, once she actually got to the big city she regretted it deeply.

Around her, colorful motorcycles rawred as their owners got ready for the red light to turn green. Maybe she shouldn't have gone into the middle of a big, concrete street during the large motorcycle festival, but she was living without regrets. That was the only way to live now when she didn't have a home.

Her parents kicked her out because she was in love with one of these rough, street cred men, and as soon as he passed through her mind, there he was on the street.

Harriet silently battled with herself if she did the right thing by running away from home, but it was her only chance at freedom. Once she hopped on that bike, she would never look back.

Her feet beat on the ground and soon she found herself attached to the man who had promised freedom in his whispers, and then they were moving, the rawrs only getting louder. She hoped his promises ran true when he snuck into her house at night, holding her until the morning.

The wind in her hair was the pure symbol of freedom that she had been hoping for. Living with her parents was like being captured in a cage. She had no chance to do what she wanted, so she decided to leave with the man of her dreams to travel around the world on this buzzing machine that he prided himself in.

She could feel her man laughing as he glanced back at her with the big, toothy grin on his face before he faced forward again. His body shook with shock and suddenly the motorcycle was swerving out of the way.

She hadn't been paying attention to anything but him, but then she saw it. A group of people were standing and waving paper and sticks at them, all with words she couldn't understand. Big words meant to confuse the bikers, but beckoning them to stay and get rid of their horror devices. One of the stick holders had hit a rider, who was now on the ground, his motorcycle on top of him.

Other cyclists began piling on him, since their brakes couldn't stop them quick enough, and her man was set to be next.

The bike swerved, making them dip left and then right as they tried to escape the horror of the sticks. The snarling of the bike got louder as the bike lurched forward, almost hitting one of the sticks as the bike pushed passed them. The bike followed the rare few that got out, and immediately cheers came from the riders who made it.

The survivors sped on towards the open highway, cheers and tears being released as emotions ran high from the adrenaline. They were free! All of them were free!

Harriet hugged her man tighter, burying her face in the back of his black motorcycle jacket. She couldn't be any happier than she was now! Her and her man could ride free, without her parents or the sticks trying to keep her back. She was finally free to live the life she wanted!

And on the back of a motorcycle, with the man who kept her warm at night, was where she wanted to be.


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