Group story Anyone???

Hey everyone. Group story???

Chapter 1

High school story

Hey so I want to do a High school story. Where theirs Jocks, Nerds, and so on. I want to do a story with the bullying, fights and the popular kids and everything. which the drama and the relationships and everything that happens in High school.

My character
Name: Kenna Robinson
Age: 16
Looks: light skin with light brown eyes, long black hair a little pass the middle of her back, 5'5,
Personality: smart, Creative, Athletic, can be nice and mean, Drama queen sometimes, A flirt, A nerd in secret, Active, speaks her mind, Adventurous, Caring, challenging, Confident, Compassionate, curious, Deep, Lonely, friendly, free thinking,
Sports: track, cheerleading, basketball
School:Popular But doesn't care for it, hangs out with anyone, stands up for what she believes in, tries to keep her Honor roll grades on the down low so nobody really knows she so smart,
Family: Has a younger brother in middle school, Mom is a lawyer, Dad is a Doctor so there both never home,
Specialties: good at Singing, dancing, write music, play guitar, cooking
Crush:Trashon Brown

Guy Character
Name: Trashon Brown
Personality: smart, likes to impress people, bullies people, selfish, Doesn't care what people think,
Looks: 6'0 ft, light skin, brown eyes, Muscular,
School: pass all his classes, Jock, popular, hangs out with friends and makes fun of people
Sports: Football, Basketball
Family: has a sister he cares about a lot, Mom is a teacher at the school and Dad works at a toy factory.
Crush: Kenna Robinson

just do 2 characters with this information
Which group they will be in: jock, nerds, emo, or whatever
Sports:if they play any
family members:
specialties: if they got any

and anything else you can think to add

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