what happens when bella and Hermione meet each other

what happens when bella and Hermione meet each other

Only for harry potter fans. Twilight fans I am sorry please don't read.

Chapter 1

bella and Hermione

by: anviange
Through magical worm-holes connecting fandoms, Hermione and Bella are transported together into a dark, unknown, place…

(This is just after the completion of both series)

Hermione: What just happened? Where am I? Harry? Ron? Hello?

Bella: Holy crow! Where am I? Edward? Where are you? Where’s Renesmee?

Hermione: Who are you?

Bella: I’m Bella Cullen. Edward Cullen’s wife.

Hermione: Oh. I’m Hermione Granger. Um, Ron Weasley’s girlfriend, I guess. If that’s how we’re introducing ourselves.

Bella: Have you seen Edward? He is the most gorgeous thing to walk the Earth. I am his, and he is mine. He has beautiful golden eyes, but sometimes they’re black when he’s thirsty. And Renesmee? Our daughter. She is gorgeous! She is so beautiful. She’s half human, half vampire, and my best friend imprinted on her, but that’s not creepy at all!

Hermione: Okay….do you know how to get out of here. Let’s shed some light. Lumos!

Bella: Ooooh, what’s that!?

Hermione: My wand.

Bella: What does it do?

Hermione: Lots of useful things. Gives off light, curses enemies, helps out with household chores, etc.

Bella: I don’t need those things. I have Edward and Jacob to do everything for me.

Hermione: That’s nice. Now, let’s work together to get out of here.

Bella: What?

Hermione: Work together. You know, help each other out.

Bella: Like the vampires and werewolves!

Hermione: Umm, sure. (mutters under her breath) Whatever that means.

Bella: Okay! (Sits down)

Hermione: What are you doing? Aren’t you going to help me?

Bella: I don’t help. I just sit here and whine.

Hermione: What?

Bella: I told you, Edward and Jacob do everything for me! I’m usually the cause of the problem, and then they have to fix it for me while I sit there being useless.

Hermione: Oh. I usually save Ron and Harry’s butts whenever we’re in a bad situation. They help, but I’m the one who has the great ideas.

Bella: (Ignores her, begins to whine) Where am I? I want Edward! Where’s Nessie? I miss her! I need Jacob and Edward! Where’s my family? Oh, everything is awful….

Hermione: Well, this is great. I’m stuck here with Miss Useless Whiner. Stupefy!

Bella is stunned, and Hermione finds a way out. She puts Bella back in Forks, and returns to Hogwarts with a fascinating tale.


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