You guys are the Greatest!!!! XD

Heyheyhey! Me again! Just bugging the internet with a little shoutout to mah awesome quibblonians out there!!!:P

Btw there are multiple pages. Sorry for the Inconvenience...

Chapter 3

Thanks, you guys, for being so awesome!!! :*

Could we be any weirder? Our conversations go from cute bunnies, to scary wolves, to creepy doctors, to, apparently being in a movie neither of us knew about til the me eating you, thinking you were a marshmallow, to... Blah blah blah blah blah!! Lol We should post some of our conversations! You would think one of us was cleverbot or something from how random we are! Anyway, you always put a smile on my face, which is a fantastic thing to be able to do for someone!!! XD
a message specifically for the girl who played the role of scary wolf, movie star, and marshmallow person:
I promise to never eat you and the whole world again! :)

Ur so much fun! Your compliments made me so happy! I want you to my ow at your name is STILL fantastic and probably one of my favorite names in the history of the world!! I still love your profile!! It's so elegant and pretty. When we were first friends, I never knew you'd be so in love with willy wonka! Haha! But you are, which is awesome. Chocolate is awesome. You are awesome!!!
from me to you
I only gave you four wishes!! Not six disappears again ;P

You're so fun! AND you love adventure time, which just adds to your awesomeness!! The past ba-jillion messages we've shared have been nothing but randomness, from the genie to cute and weird animals.. But that's what I love about ya! ^-^
what I'd like to say
1. That little white thing is TOTALLY a Pokemon
2. Can I PLEASE use ur Oaken knock knock joke in my knock knock joke thingy??? Pweeease? :D

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