You guys are the Greatest!!!! XD

Heyheyhey! Me again! Just bugging the internet with a little shoutout to mah awesome quibblonians out there!!!:P

Btw there are multiple pages. Sorry for the Inconvenience...

Chapter 2

Thanks, you guys, for being so awesome!!! :*

You're writing is FANTASTIC and our conversations make me smile! You're so real on this site! It's great! You're open and kind and that's what so amazing about you. I love that you do your own thing regardless of what people say. That's a fantastic feature to have!!!
something I need to tell you
You ARE beautiful and talented!! God made you the way you are and that's the way he wants you to be (sorry if you're not religious). So, girl, you gotta believe in yourself. Take a chance and FLY!!!!!!

I love that you are so true to yourself!!! You're smart and funny! You were the first person to congratulate me on being a Featured Member, which shows me that you're very kind and considerate. Stupid me! I didn't even know til the next day! :P
Something I want to say to you :)
Stay yourself and stay awesome!!!!!! XD

Don't even get me started! lol You're so crazy and fun! You're like a New Zealand version of myself :D I LOVE your quizzes and stories, and you're always up for anything! You love to join all kinds of competitions and stuff, which is fantastic!! Your love for the Beatles is so fun and cool. We need more people our age who can appreciate true music! <3 I love your use of words like "thankies" instead of thank you and how you call everyone "hon." It's just a random thing I've noticed about you that I just figured I'd share :)
something to tell you
MORE STORIES, DRONGO!!!!! Oh, and thanks for the new word! lol And for putting up with my excessive use of it!!!!!

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