You guys are the Greatest!!!! XD

Heyheyhey! Me again! Just bugging the internet with a little shoutout to mah awesome quibblonians out there!!!:P

Btw there are multiple pages. Sorry for the Inconvenience...

Chapter 1

Thanks, you guys, for bring so awesome!!!!! :*

You rocksies mah socksies!! You're so funny and great to be around!!! Our random convos always cheered me up!! I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying camp!!
And a personal message to youuu
Keep lovin pie, girl!!!!!

I know you probably won't be able to read this because of you computer problems, but I really did mean what I said when I said what I said, which was that I missed you! You were one of my first Quibblo friends and are one of my best Quibblo friends!!! I can't wait til you get your internets all fixed up and will be able to get back on!!!!
personal message :)
I STILL haven't watched Hetalia! I know, I know.. Ur probably gonna kill me lol

Girl, you are SO amazing! You're inspiring, encouraging, and always know what to say. You bring out the best in people, which is such a fabulous characteristic to have. (I'm a little jealous, not gonna lie! lol) I aspire to be more like you, honestly!
and a message for you
You are truly amazing and I KNOW you'll do great things one day ;)

Ok, first off, I love that u spell it blondE, and not just blond. Not many people do that, but I do:) Anyway, you're an amazing author! Your characters are fabulous and your plots are so clever!! You're fun and so cool!!! I'm HONORED to do a group story with you! :P
A personal message :)
Next time you have a picnic, bring lots of food and invite me! lol

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