Not Just Another Day

Just a story I thought up. I'll probably have a new chapter up at least once every couple days.

Chapter 8

Mind Over Matter

David's POV

"He won't." I tell The Professor. "Quentin... Fourteen just doesn't get that angry."

"Then go in there and tell him not to be angry, David. Humor me."

"Fine," I say as I turn and walk to Fourteen's room. I grab a folding chair from the commons as I pass through. Fourteen won't be that angry. He'll be confused, he'll have questions, but he won't attack me. The Professor is wrong.

I open Fourteen's door to see him laying on his bed, his legs against the wall, pointed at the ceiling. I sit down in the metal folding chair and sigh deeply, contemplating what to say.

"So, I imagine you hate me right about now, huh?" I say.

His only reply is a glowering stare directed at the ceiling.

"I'll take that as a yes. I don't blame you, fourteen. It's normal-"

Then he sits up and yells, "How the hell is this normal? My only friend tells me that my life is a lie and that I'm nothing but a frucking lab rat is normal now!?"

"What I was going to say," I tell him calmly, "is that it's normal for the Subject to hate the Guide. I don't take it personally."

"Oh, so you're my guide now? Thanks! What are you gonna show me next? That I don't live on the frucking planet Earth!?"

I don't want to answer that. I understand that he's pissed off. I get it.

"I just wanted to see how you were doing..."

"Oh I'm dandy! How about you?" he yells, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Be mad if you want, fourteen," I tell him, hoping he'll see reason. "But this is your life. Accept it-"

Then he launches himself at me, pinning me to the wall.

"FRUCK YOU, COOPER! I trusted you and now I don't even know you! Why the hell are you doing this to me? Let me back into my life you shithead!"

I shove him back onto his bed, saying "You're not helping yourself, Fourteen. You know that? You just proved me wrong." I never thought that Quentin would get that angry.

I don't want to hear his reply. I leave the room, not bothering to grab the chair on my way out.

I storm down the hall and into the Professor's office.

"Are you happy now?" I snap as I slam the door open. He sits with his hands steepled on his desk, his snow-white hair combed to stretch from the left side of his head to the right.

"My best friend holds me against the wall, cusses me out and what do you do? You sit there in your suit and say, 'well done'. What was the point of that!?"

"The point, my boy, was to show you why we are doing this. You joined DELIRIUM to help change the world, right? Well how can we have change without knowing what we're changing? You've never seen Fourteen this angry, right?"

"Well now you've seen it. You've seen that humans are so unpredictable. That's what we work to change, David. You know that."

"Yeah. But I don't have to like it," I say as I barge out of his office.

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