Not Just Another Day

Just a story I thought up. I'll probably have a new chapter up at least once every couple days.

Chapter 4

The Dream

I wake up in a vast, open field. Golden brown, dead grass crunches beneath my footsteps. Suddenly, I can't move. My feet are rooted in place and a dark fog hangs low over the ground. I see a vague outline of a tall, slender man approaching me, but I can't make out any details
He walks toward me slowly, the fog swirling around him like a cloak. I try to turn and run, to yell, anything, but I can't do anything.
When he reaches me, he grabs my upper arm with his right hand. Then, the worst pain I've ever felt in my life erupts in my arm, right where he grabbed me.
It feels like my skin is boiling!

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