Not Just Another Day

Just a story I thought up. I'll probably have a new chapter up at least once every couple days.

Chapter 2

A Day in the Life

As Cooper drives, I glance at the broken radio. He got really pissed at Drake one time and punched the radio cuz his favorite station started playing a song he hates and Drake was singing along to it. We laugh about it now, but it wasn't funny at the time... he nearly killed Drake. He actually went to the hospital with two broken bones and ended up getting over twenty stitches, plus he got a couple of his teeth knocked out. Yeah, don't piss off Cooper.
We're sharing another cigarette, not really talking, since neither of us are much for conversation.
He pulls into the narrow, one-way dirt road that stretches for probably half a mile. Our houses are right next to each other, only his is way nicer than mine. His family is really rich, and mine's... not. Just one of the many things that we have in common... by which I mean complete opposite.
He stops the car right in front of my house.
"Thanks for the ride, man." I say, passing him back his cigarette.
He nods, honks the badly abused horn and drives off, pulling a 360-degree spin and backing into his driveway.
I open the door to my house, a squat, one-story piece of crap with peeling sky-blue paint and crooked roof tiles in bad need of repairs.
I walk past my dad, who's half-asleep on the couch, watching TV. I go to my room, push open the door, drop my backpack onto the cluttered floor and crash on my bed.


I wake up a few hour later, according to my watch. I roll off of my bed and walk to the kitchen. I cook a Hot Pocket in the microwave and grab a beer from the fridge, then head back to my room. My dad is still sleeping on the couch, and he'll probably be there when I wake up in the morning too.
I basically take care of by myself. You've already met my dad, and my mom works two jobs, so she's pretty much always gone. It suits me just fine. It's amazing what you can get used to after a few years.
When I get back to my room, I turn on my TV and start up my Xbox and play Minecraft for a couple hours, munching on the Hot Pocket while I do.
Eventually, I get bored of video games and turn off the TV and Xbox. I finish my beer (good thing my dad keeps them in the fridge) and toss the bottle on the floor.
I hear a clink as it lands on another bottle, probably one from a couple nights ago.
It's getting dark outside, so I turn off the lights and go to sleep. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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