Doctor Who and Beatles Fanfic Mashup

This is a story based on mine and my bestie's favorite things. I'm a Beatles fanatic, she's a Whovian. Enjoy!

Chapter 1


It was a dark night in 1964. A train was chuntering on through a thick storm. Four men were sitting in one of the train's carriages, chatting away. They were The Beatles, on their way to London for a concert. They didn't know what it was, but there was an eerie feeling in the air.

'It's weird.' Paul said suddenly, 'Do you guys feel a... disturbance in the air.'
'No.' replied John flatly, 'You're just weird Paulie, I thought you knew that.'
Paul gave John an icy glance but didn't protest further. There was a brief silence, when Ringo piped up from his newspaper.

'Hey! Listen to this!' he cried excitedly, 'Scientists are developing a new thing called a 'Chipakla', and it will be released soon.'
'What does it do?' George asked through a mouthful of sandwich.
'Dunno. It doesn't say.' Ringo replied, poring over his paper.
'Then that was worth our while!' John said sarcastically, slumping in his chair. 'Right, who wants to play Poker?'

An hour later all four lads were fast asleep, snoring away. Paul was muttering in his sleep, John was twitching, George was chewing and Ringo was drooling slightly. It was a peaceful scene.

But not for long.

There was a sudden blinding flash of light and a rumbling like thunder. The whole cabin shook and swayed, causing the band to fly right out of their seats. John sat up and stared with big, bulging eyes at the thing in front of him. A Police telephone box, bright blue in colour and 7 feet in height. The other three lads staggered to their feet, gazing utterly gobsmacked at the contraption.

John was about to scream, when the telephone box door slid open. A silhouette of a tall man was seen emerging from the smoke. When the dust settled, the four lads could see quite clearly that this was no ordinary man. He was tall and thin, wearing a long brown coat and a necktie. In his hand was a stick with a glowing blue light on the end. He was staring down at the band, looking rather disapproving.

'Oh my lord,' Paul muttered under his breath, 'That's a TARDIS.'
'But the real Doctor doesn't look like that.' George whispered, trembling like a leaf. His face was as white as paper. 'This is a younger model.'
'It can't be. It's not the Doctor.' said John, still staring.
'I am The Doctor, Mr Lennon... and you better believe it.'

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