Q & A with Anarchy [Not a Repost]

I seem to be a very questionable person, though I don't know why. Some people seem to like me straight away, others judge me and hate me before knowing me. Though it isn't my problem, I want to unmask some of the confusion.

Feel free to ask questions, though please be polite lest I ignore you.

Chapter 1

Tally ho, and off to adventure!

Q: Why do you have such a dark profile and few friends? Are you antisocial?

A: Well, I enjoy the darker side of life. So that's where the profile comes from. I'm not strictly "antisocial", as I do enjoy talking to others as long as we have something to talk about. My attendance on the site was really spotty at the beginning, so not many people saw or heard from me.

Q: Are you a boy or a girl?

A: I don't consider myself to be either, which is why my profile says NA. I'm what you'd probably call genderqueer.

Q: Why does your age say you're in your 90s?

A: Believe it or not, i'm very in-tune spiritually with my soul. And it's lived too many lives to compel me to limit myself to this specific life's age. And no, i'm not telling you my exact age to this life, though i'll say i'm older than 16.*

Q: Why do you go by Anarchy/Archo?

A: Well, for one, I'm an anarchist. Two, I don't associate with my current Earthly name. Three, it's the internet and I can have whatever name I so choose.

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