From SchoolGirl to Survivor Part 1 (Tf2 Fan fiction)

From SchoolGirl to Survivor Part 1 (Tf2 Fan fiction)

For as long as she could remember, Alicia thought her life was normal as any other; but one night could change that. Alicia watches as her neighborhood, home, friends, and family go up in smoke as the only survivor with her dog. Saving only her father's shotgun and hunting bow, a backpack full of canned food and water, and a pocket knife, she begins to thrive on her own. Yet, she soon discovers her once normal life has been turned into a battlefield. (Tf2 belongs to Valve, pics to their owners).

Chapter 1

Fire and Death.

I heard a elderly-sounding woman speaking through a microphone and large trucks outside on my street. I curiously peered out my bedroom window to see what all the fuss was about. Big Yellow construction trucks, a stage set up at the corner of my street. Then a wreaking ball rolls in. A wreaking ball?! I knew then and there something was defiantly wrong here. Suddenly, a bright red flashed at the corner of my eye. Fire. Men in yellow suits with flamethrowers burning my neighbor's house. I rushed to my parent's room, urging them to get up, pack everything and leave. "It's just roadwork, honey. There's no fire, go back to sleep." Being a 16 year old girl, they clearly thought it was a hoax. I begged and pleaded, tears forming in my eyes, but they wouldn't listen. I saw the men coming down the hill to us, so I left. I got dressed (Alicia's outfit and looks are at the top to the left) and got my father's hunting bow and quiver with 11 arrows, food, water, everything I needed. I realized I needed Hunter, the family dog. I let him out of his kennel. We trained him to stay with us, so he swiftly followed my every move. I spotted explosives being brought in, so I developed a plan to go to a large ditch that stretched across our backyard. It was deep enough and far away to shelter my dog and I from an explosion. Hunter and I got about 7-8 yards before the men reached our house. I sped as fast as I could and dove down in the ditch. I got out some ear plugs and put them in. Hunter sat down in the ditch as I carefully peered out of the top, making sure I wasn't seen. The men set fire to my house, ten men surrounded it, trapping my parents in. They also layed down the explosives on every house in my small neiborhood. Why would they do this? I thought to myself. I got out my shotgun, ready for any of those men to discover me. They clearly want me dead, but I won't let that happen. Unto my dog as well. I loaded it and heard a countdown start from 50. The men cleared the area and I ducked down, commanding hunter to lie down. The countdown neared an end. "8...7...6..." I covered hunter's ears and peered over the edge of the ditch once more. "3...2...1...". Brightness. It began to clear as I saw my house, the other houses, and everything explode and go up in flames. Everything I had, my entire life, every person in our neiborhood, my family, reduced to nothing but my father's bow and the family dog. I felt a strong, hard pain in my chest, knowing that everyone is dead. Salty tears rushed down my face. I shut my eyes tight and cried out in agony, I wished I never saw or heard the trucks. I wished I burned along with them, not feeling the pain that I feel. Hunter gently nudged my side. I hugged him and began to sob softly, he was all I had left. One by one, the trucks slowly drove out of our, or my street. I was the only survivor. Out of all of the people that lived around me, they are all gone, except me. The only survivor.

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