Those were the words he left for her

Sorry if this was depressing. It's just about something someone told me
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Chapter 1

Wounds that cut down deep

Time stands still
As they say their vows with hope
Pride on his face, joy on hers
No one will tear them apart


A few years of wedded bliss
Flash by like a beautiful dream
Till this perfect existence of theirs
Begins to fray at the seams

A baby is born, and this little girl,
Is told she wasn’t planned
Her childhood is bleak, no love to be seen
‘Cause right from the start, she was damned

And then starts the fighting,
The bickering and the rows.
The claws come out, the girl shrinks back
What happened to those vows?

Her Daddy is gone, not that he cared
And he’s left his wedding band.

“It’s all your fault,” he’d screamed at her
As he’d packed his bags to go
“You were never wanted,
I wish you were never so.”

And those were the words he left for her
To cry herself to sleep
Those were the words he burnt her with
The wounds that cut down deep


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