Chapter 1

dances I'm at 200 friends!!!! YAy!!!!!!

First off, I just wanta say that I think everyone on Quibblo is awesome, even the people I haven't really talked to. So yeah. I'm really worried that I'll forget someone who deserves a shout out, so if I don't mention you and I've said like one word to you, you should tell me and I'll probably add you to it. Unless you're lying. Then I won't.

But anyways, everyone on Quibblo, especially the people mentoined below, is a wonderful person and a huge asset to the entire flipping world. Pretty much everyone I've met could become either a really awesome and amazing hero or a just as awesome if not slightly better villain..... Yeah..... Okay this is going nowhere....

Thank you everybody!!!!!!!

And now for shout outs (which aren't really in any particular order):


Lily, you're the first friend I had on Quibblo (besides Quibblo himself, obviously) and you're one of the closest. I've certainly known you the longest, and you're funny and amazing and wonderful and I'm kind of running out of adjectives. If we keep at it, we'll eventually figure out how to destroy Moffat once and for all before he can kill off anyone else. Keep on being crackerjack and boffo (sorry having fun with the thesaurus) and just generally amazing!!!


Lacey, you're another hilarious person, and an excellent writer of Beatles fanfiction. I hope you continue to be amazing well past the expiration date (I don't even know what that means, it just sort of came out of my head lol). I hope you watch Doctor Who at some point but I won't force it on you or anything.... Maybe..... You're fanfiction has put me in hysterics more than once and I hope you continue being your fabulous self!!!


Lulu, you're just as weird as I am and I'm glad of it!! Your randomness makes me feel a whole lot less..........out of place, and you helped remind me how much fun camp songs are to sing (well, type). You should learn the coconut song, because I think it describes you as well as me. And no matter how many times I accidently kill you, you always manage to come back to life, which makes me happy lol. And you should just let people....be people and ignore them if they think you're weird, coz in reality, they're the weird ones. Okay maybe not, but they're certainly a lot more boring.


I think you're really funny and random and at some point, we will find a way to ski down the Alps together. For now though, you'll have to be satisfied with imagining it. I hope you figure out how to get away from that weird dude, and then you can come and stay with me at the Imperial Palace of Russia. Or you can do that first..... anyways, keep being a splendidly um, splendid person!!!


I think your really awesome and funny (yes I know. i think a lot of people are funny. It's true though!), and you still remind me of my friend Emily (I was reading old messages lol). I keep getting the feeling that I'm annoying you, so sorry if I am. You're really good at dissecting stories (especially badly written Harry Potter fanfiction) and I hope you stay a friend of mine. And congratulations again on getting published!!!


You'rereallycoolandawesomeandgoodlucknextyearwithLatinlol.You'reanotherveryfunnyperson,andIamneverboredaroundyou.Idon'tknowifthiswillgetcutofforwhat,andIhopeitdoesnt,btuI'lltrynottosayatonjustincase.You're,asIsaid,reallyfunnyandIalwayslovetalkingtoyou,andIthinktheadviceyougiveisreallyhelpfulandsweetandI know (ohshootibroketheknowspaceruleaahhhh)thatiwouldn'thavepatiencewithitsohere'stoyou!! raisesglass


You've always been really nice and calm, even when I'm acting kind of spazzy (which is most of the time) so thank you for being such an awesome, beautiful person, and I hope you continue being beautiful and awesome for the rest of your life. And thanks again for putting up with my weird, spaztastic tendancies.


I don;t even want to say anything about you, because you'd never let me hear the end of it, and I can't say anything mean because then you'll give me hell, but I will say some nice stuff, because I'm not a mean person, contrary to what you may think. If I'm lucky, you'll never open this and I'll be safe. I think you're also really funny even though half your jokes are lame, and your a goes to look at thesaurus groovy, peachy keen, out of sight wizard. Thank you Merriam Webster. I'll miss you next year, friend.


Even though I haven't known you that long, I think you're a really nice and caring person and I look forward to geting to know you better. Whenever I watch The Parent Trap, I'll think of you. I never actually told you even though this came up a few times, but I don't love sports either (except I'll watch football/soccer. that's okay) so yeah. Keep being your brilliant self and doing photoshop magic lol.


I've known you for all of an hour, but I can already tell that you're really cool, and I like you a lot, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!! I'm sure you're a wonderful singer, and I hope we get to make a city out of food someday because that would be amazingly fun.

These are people who I think are really awesome, but either haven't talked to at all or have only spoken to a little bit and don't know much about them other than the fact that they are REALLY AWESOME!!!! There are also some people on here that I have spoken to a lot, but am too tired (it is past 1 am) to write about. To those people: I'M SORRY!!!!!!! And to all honorable mentions: I WOULD WRITE STUFF ABOUT ALL OF YOU, I REALLY WOULD, EXCEPT IT'S REALLY LATE AND I JUST WANT TO FINISH THIS AND GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!! SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So yeah, you should shoot all these lovely people friend requests and stuff because they are all amazing!!!!!!!


And thanks again to all 200 (YAY) of my friends and all Quibblonians for being so awesome and open and friendly!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had something nice I wanted ti say, but I forgot it!!!!!!! SO I'll just say thank you one more time and finish this!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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