Love ghost

A two-track story of destined lovers Julia and Bernie.
18 year old couple Julia and Bernie marry on their shared birthday, however a tragic accident occurs one day later which leaves one of them devastated for ever. But how long will they be apart? Destiny brings them back together when the one who died returns as a ghost. But can they maintain what they once had? Can humans and ghosts ever be together? Forever?

Chapter 2


It was a refreshing morning as I walked down to the docks. The air was brisk and cool and it stung my face with ever whip of the wind. Since moving in with Julia I had never gone to work feeling sad or depressed. She was the sunshine in my life. She was everything. She was me.

And I wanted to propose to her...

I half walked half skipped to the water edge where I saw Greg and Tim,the two twins who's father was good friends with mine.
"G'day there Bertie,you look happy as always!" Tim teased, nudging Greg.
"Never been better,how you doing?"
"Mother's been taken to hospital again,they think its serious this time." He replied solemnly. Greg looked down. He never spoke much.
"Im so sorry to hear that, whats happened to her?"
"Blood clot. A big one this time in one of her important arteries." Tim said.
Their Mother had always had problems with her heart and with her blood. Ten years ago she had had a heart transplant which saved her life,but she'd never got rid of the blood clots.
"Im sorry." Was all I could say. My mother had died of a heart attack when I was seven so I knew what he must be going through. He shrugged and began pulling the huge crates of fish off of the first boat. Greg and I helped him in silence.

But I couldnt stop thinking about it...
How I wanted to propose to Julia...

"Tim,can I talk to you?" I asked as we were on a tea break. He was peeing into the sea, a delightful sight I must say.
"Sure thing,bbut if you're going to ask me about meeting up with that Sally girl again the answer is no, she was a dreadful nightmare." I didn't know if he was joking or not.
"I want to propose to Julia."
He almost choked himself.
"You're only eighteen Bern',is't it all a bit much?"
"I have known her since I was 3. That's fifteen years. We've been together as lovers for five years and never had a single argument or disagreement. We've lived together for two years and every day I love her more and more. Her delicate touch...her sof pale skin...her lips..."
"Ok ok don't get all touchy with me, you know I ain't good with that crapp. You love this girl right? She loves you? You're perfect together. But loving something isn't always enough. John Lennon was wrong on that one. Just because she's good in bed and tells you she loves you doesn't mean you are capable of starting a life together. Take a dog for example, you may love hat dog with all the passion inside of you,but you can't just love it. You have nurture it. Train it. Feed it.Walk it. Water it. Exercise it.Play with it. You can't just love Julia. You have to be able to care for her, wake up to her laying beside you every single day,she will want kids and more kids and her Mother and Father dont even know you're living together yet."
I considered all this for a second.
"It's been working for the last two years. Her parents aren't a problem and I've made up my mind."
"Go for it."

And I was going to propose to my Julie.

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