Love ghost

A two-track story of destined lovers Julia and Bernie.
18 year old couple Julia and Bernie marry on their shared birthday, however a tragic accident occurs one day later which leaves one of them devastated for ever. But how long will they be apart? Destiny brings them back together when the one who died returns as a ghost. But can they maintain what they once had? Can humans and ghosts ever be together? Forever?

Chapter 1


"Oh Bertie,I do love you so." I whispered into Berties ear as we were entwined under the warm covers of the bed. He gazed into my eyes, his chocolate brown hair messy and his smile causing my heart to pound. He moved in to kiss me again while wrapping his whole body round mine,our tounges dancing in each others hot mouths. A fiery sensation burned in my heart and I suddenly realised I loved Bertie with a passion so strong, it hurt.
"I love you most." He whispered, cradling me. " And I wish I could stay locked in this moment for ever,but I must go to work."
Can't you stay five more minutes?" I pleaded, a hint of desperation in my voice. But Bertie was pulling off the duvet and the coolness of the room filled the bed,making my legs tingle.
" You've been saying that for the last fifteen minutes" He laughed. "I mustnt be late"
He smiled. I told him that I understood and to be careful,and with that he kissed my forehead and went downsairs. I heard the kettle boiling and the toasted pop up. Five minutes later the door opened and closed and already I was longing for Bertie. It was the same feeling I got everyday for the last two years.

Bertie and I first met when we were three.Our mothers were good friends and used to take us down to the meadows to play with each other. Oh how I remember the games we would play. We would chase each other and butterflies, we'd paddle in he nearby stream and run down to the beach and see who could build he biggest sandcastle. We would play Weddings and hold our own pretend weddings in the woods, using leaves and berries as confetti and fresh blackberries straight from the bush as a celebration meal.

When we were about five we started school and were thankfully in the same class where we would partner up in everything together. We didnt mingle with the other children, it was always just me and Bertie. We walked to school together. We went in partners together. We sat next to each other. We played skipping together in the playground. Then we would share our lunch down by the willow tree away from all the children playing football. We'd walk home from school together and sit on my bed and practise kissing like our mums and dads did it. However we always ended up biing each other and as we grew up we stopped all that.

It was when we turned thirteen at our birthday party that we first reaslied the love we had for each other. Our birthdays were on the same day and so every year we had a shared party. A shared cake.Shared presents. We shared everything. Bertie and I. We were inseparable.
After the party the parents stayed to chat and get merry, so Bertie and I snuck off down to the little stream by the meadows. We held hands on the way there and I sat on his lap while he hugged me from behind,kissing my neck softly and sweetly.
"I love you so much."
"I love you more."
"I love you most."
"Be my lover Julia. Please. I want you so much.I want to hold you everyday. I want to marry you. I want to live with you and have lots of babies. I love you." He pleaded, in between kisses.
"Of course I will Bertie. Forever."

And that was the start of our relationship. Now 4 years later we're still together, still happy, living together happily in a rented flat in Devon. Bertie has a decent job down by the docks, collecting fish off of delivery boats and selling them in the market, while I go to school still,my last year. I'm sixteen and he is seventeen,but he left school early to go work with his Father, Maurice. A gentle old man, very kind but with a fierce and fiery temper.

I stretched my aching limbs and clambered out of the cosy bed,slipped on my fluffy slippers and ambled to the kitchen. Waiting for me was a hot cup of tea in a mug that said "I love you" on it, and a plate with two slices of toast and butter,the crusts taken off and the bread cut into heart shapes. A usual treat from Bertie. How I loved him. There was also a little note next to it which read,
"Dear my gorgeous Julie,
Have a good day, don't miss me too much,haha.
I love you more and more everyday, every minute.
Your Bertie <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "

Some may have thought it a little cringey, but I didn't. I smiled to myself and took my toast and tea back to bed where I ate it with pleasure, savouring every mouthful of buttery deliciousness.

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