Read this if you feel sad/upset/worried!

Read this if you feel sad/upset/worried!

Please read this!

Chapter 1

A little guidance for YOU!

Dearest fellow qubbloians,

We live in a crazy world. The people we meet, the laughs and the tears we shed. But at the end of the day remeber who YOU are! YOU yes YOU!
YOU are a beautiful indiviual and belive it or not but God loves you. People may hate, let them hate because we can't all be liked and loved. We face so many battles, and lifes challenges but this is what developes us into a stronger person!

Just remeber that what dosen't kill you makes you so much stronger! No matter what theres always someone there for you whether thats a friend, family memeber or a beloved pet. Sadness is so common but so are smiles so smile, even if its fake. I may not know you but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE walk on and hold your head up high! Battle on because in this life you will only be YOU and being YOU is beautiful! I know life gets tough!

BUT your life is a wonderful gift and look around you, you have a whold world to explore, more amazing people to meet and love to be unleashed. There are soulmates to be found and familys to be created. So smile NOW, let happiness in and believe in yourself! Always look on the bright side of life because I believe in you and so do many other people. Please have faith and STAY STRONG!!!

Much love,
Angel xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo


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